Breaking Your Relationship Pattern, Part 4

Written by Rinatta Paries

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She remembered her parents arguing often. Her mother feltrepparttar father did not care, did not want her, and did not participate inrepparttar 101833 relationship orrepparttar 101834 family. Sonya also remembered that her mother wasrepparttar 101835 one who started these arguments and didrepparttar 101836 yelling, while her father first listened and then walked away.

Sonya's father did not spend much time with her, but was a good financial support. When her father eventually left, he did not stay in touch. Her mother told her over and over how all men eventually lose interest and leave.

Here is what Sonya wrote for section 2: * Father unavailable, uninterested and avoided confrontation. * Mother argumentative and blaming. * Father not around for me, not wanting me, leaving eventually. * Mother told me all men lose interest and leave.

When it came to Section 3, Sonya copied outrepparttar 101837 responses fromrepparttar 101838 previous sections. She came up withrepparttar 101839 following list:

* Jeff was unavailable, uninterested and argumentative. * Ronald was unavailable and uninterested, and avoided confrontation. * Rob was withdrawn, uninterested, and avoided confrontation.

* Father unavailable, uninterested and avoided confrontation. * Mother argumentative and blaming. * Father not around for me, not wanting me, leaving eventually. * Mother told me all men lose interest and leave.

In answeringrepparttar 101840 question, "What arerepparttar 101841 similarities betweenrepparttar 101842 hurtful behaviors of your parents and your past partners?" she noticed many similarities. For example, she noticed that all ofrepparttar 101843 men, with whom she has had a significant relationship, ended up treating herrepparttar 101844 way her father treated both her and her mother. Sonya also noticed with a gasp that all of her relationships have fulfilled her mother's prophecy.

In answeringrepparttar 101845 question, "Arerepparttar 101846 behaviors opposite?", she noticed that Jeff, her most recent relationship partner, was argumentative. In this way he wasrepparttar 101847 opposite of her father and more like her mother.

Here is Sonya's Section 3: * Father unavailable to me and mother; I find men who are not available. * Father was uninterested in mother and me; I find men who lose interest in me. * Father avoided confrontation; two ofrepparttar 101848 three relationships were with men who avoid confrontation. * Father left; I attract men who eventually leave. And mother told me they would.

* A man who is argumentative isrepparttar 101849 opposite of my father, but just like my mother.

Finally, Sonya came to Section 4. What kind of a relationship pattern was she programmed for? The answered seemed obvious: exactlyrepparttar 101850 kind of pattern she has been living out, whererepparttar 101851 men with whom she's in a relationship become unavailable, lose interest and eventually leave. She is programmed to have relationships that are domed to fail because she is with partners who cannot work throughrepparttar 101852 relationship for fear of confrontation.

She had to answer "yes" when asked if she was repeating her parents' relationship pattern in her own relationships. She also had to answer "yes" when asked whether she was doingrepparttar 101853 opposite of her parents. And she realized that doingrepparttar 101854 opposite got herrepparttar 101855 same exact result.

Here is Sonya's Section 4: * I was programmed to have a relationship pattern where my partner will become unavailable, losing interest in me and eventually leaving. * I am exactly repeatingrepparttar 101856 pattern in my parents' relationship. * Sometimes I have donerepparttar 101857 opposite of my parents' relationship, but got exactlyrepparttar 101858 same result.

If you dorepparttar 101859 exercise yourself, I'm certain you'll have some great realizations, perhaps even a sense of relief. You will better understand why you attract and are attracted to certain kinds of partners. You will understand your relationship pattern. And in understanding your pattern, you will be able to break it and break free.

Your Relationship Coach, Rinatta Paries

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Do You Have The Four D's You Need For Success?

Written by Gordon Bellows

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Determination and willpower arerepparttar traits you need to reach your goal when you have a burning desire and you've maderepparttar 101832 decision to take action and make something happen. There may be obstacles onrepparttar 101833 way to your goal, but strength of mind and fortitude can help keep you on track. It doesn't matter how fast you are moving toward your goal as long as you keep moving in a positive direction. You should be resolved to turn your desire into a reality no matter what it takes.

Discipline can sometimes berepparttar 101834 hardest D to handle. We may haverepparttar 101835 best of intentions, but a moment of weakness can throw us off track. It takes self-control and restraint to make sacrifices and stick torepparttar 101836 plan we decided upon. Every so often, we have to be strict with ourselves and remember thatrepparttar 101837 goal we seek is worthrepparttar 101838 effort. If it becomes too hard to followrepparttar 101839 plan, we might need to reviserepparttar 101840 plan orrepparttar 101841 time it takes to get there.

Usually, what we desire most, is notrepparttar 101842 goal itself, butrepparttar 101843 benefits that we experience whenrepparttar 101844 goal is reached. The following is a list of some goals and possible benefits:

Goal: lose weight Benefit: look/feel better, more energy Goal: plant a garden Benefit: fresh food, exercise, nature Goal: learn to play golf Benefit: exercise, recreation Goal: buy a motorhome Benefit: travel, family outings Goal: work at home Benefit: freedom, more time with family Goal: make more money Benefit: better lifestyle, prestige

Take a moment to think about your desires. Chances are good that you have desires that are strong enough for you to makerepparttar 101845 decision to take action and make things happen!

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