Break Up Your Day And Become More Productive!

Written by Tim Webb

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If you are feeling stressed at work (or at any time) and you feel yourself flagging try this simple breathing exercise to unwind and recharge your batteries, mentally and physically.

1.Get comfortable and inhale to a count of three.

2.Breathe deep into your body and feel your stomach expand with your palms placed gently on it.

3. Exhale for a count of six and feel your stomach, this time gently squeezing inwards, eliminating air from your body.

4.As you exhale allowrepparttar stresses ofrepparttar 138097 day to leave your mind and body also.

5. Repeat ten times slowly.

Congratulations. You’ve just done something positive for your internal health and stress levels simply by focusing on your breath and body!

© Tim Webb 2005

Tim Webb is a fitness instructor, Ju Jutsu instructor and competitor. He specialises in easily accessible deep breathing exercises that combine breath and mind together. His site offers a product that provides deep breathing exercises for invigorating yourself, relaxing, and highlights how your breath can be tied in with your goals to move you towards them in record time!

6 Secrets to Happiness

Written by Lynne Kaska

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Taking Responsibility for our actions is probablyrepparttar most difficult part of creating a life of happiness. I want you to pretend that someone who you blame for something is standing in front of you; now point your finger at them. What I never realized is that when I pointrepparttar 138078 finger at someone else, I have 3 pointing back at me. When I was able to really start looking at my part in things,repparttar 138079 growth that I went through was incredible. I felt as if I was stopping a cycle. And I did!!! By taking responsibility for my own actions and seeing where I was wrong, I was able to identifyrepparttar 138080 things that I did to other people, therefore I was able to truly make amends to them. By seeing my part, I changed a lot of behaviors.

Forgiveness isrepparttar 138081 next step. For a detailed explanation of forgiveness, please see my article titled “Forgivingrepparttar 138082 Unforgivable.” When I went throughrepparttar 138083 process of forgivingrepparttar 138084 people that hurt me, I felt as if nothing inrepparttar 138085 world could stop me from havingrepparttar 138086 happiness that I had longed for, for so long.

Giving back isrepparttar 138087 final step in achievingrepparttar 138088 happiness that you want. As I began to de-clutter my heart and get rid of allrepparttar 138089 things that kept me inrepparttar 138090 darkness, my heart felt full, I felt alive, and I felt like I had so much to offerrepparttar 138091 world. That was when I first decided to start getting articles published, and I took steps towards getting books published, and I even wrote my first e-book. If people weren’t there for me to help me through this process, then I wouldn’t be where I’m at today. I can’t just ignorerepparttar 138092 things that people did for me. Service work can be done in a number of ways. It doesn’t necessarily have to be being a candy striper at a hospital. There are a number of places that need volunteers. It could be visiting a nursing home, or just smiling at a cashier. It could be holding a door open for an elderly person or carrying their groceries to their car for them. What I have found is that by giving back what was given to me, I am able to keeprepparttar 138093 things that I’ve achieved.

My hope for you is that you find value in some ofrepparttar 138094 steps above as well as my experiences. My hope for you is that you will finally discoverrepparttar 138095 happiness within you. My hope for you is that you will finally findrepparttar 138096 freedom that you so deserve

My name is Lynne Kaska. Most of my life I have tried to help people to find their happiness. Now I've begun to do this professionally. If you are having a hard time finding your happiness, passion, and/or purpose in life, then I encourage you to visit my website at

Always, Lynne

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