Break The Habit - Just Say 'No' To eMail

Written by Lois M. Jeary

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It uses an rss (rich site summary or really simple syndication) feed to deliver your content right torepparttar desk of your subscriber. To make it even easier, they have created their own free cross-browser, cross-platform viewer called QuikView to make viewing channels a snap regardless of your, or their, operating system. QuikView is also a remarkable little bookmark server and you can import all your favorite links to it. When your readers sign up for QuikView they also become members and will receive their own private messaging service too.

Quikonnex provides a safe, clean, spam free environment for your content and your readers automatically receiverepparttar 109554 new information you post. Quikonnex isrepparttar 109555 perfect solution for anyone who wants to stay in contact with a large number of people. It can be easily tied in with your website if you have one or stand on it's own if you don't.

You better believe that rss is leadingrepparttar 109556 way. Microsoft is going to be implementing it in their next release. Even AOL's new version 10 has something inrepparttar 109557 works. Everyone is fed up with email.

We're starting to see another rash of virus mania hitrepparttar 109558 net. Do you really want to keep risking your business? Viruses, trojans and hackers (the bad ones) are going to continue to wreak havoc.

The solution is simple. Breakrepparttar 109559 email habit - just say 'no' to email. And replace it with something that works - Quikonnex.

Lois Jeary publishes KIT (Keeping In Touch) through her Home4Success channel which features straight forward articles, helpful hints and suggestions, interaction with subscribers and more. Easy to subscribe: She's a 'recovering email publisher' who saw the light and kicked the email habit.

Building an Email Marketing List

Written by Megan Corwin

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- Provide valuable content in your communications. Offer tips and advice forrepparttar customer along side your marketing message to keep it from being too "sales-y." - Ask for valuable marketing data onrepparttar 109553 sign-up form. Pick only one or two things to keeprepparttar 109554 registration process short and easy. What data could really help you with your marketing? Knowing their gender, age, location, interests?

DON'T: - Sell or give away your list. - Fill up their inbox with messages. Keep to a monthly or weekly schedule at most. - Bog your message down with lots of advertising. It will quickly be deleted.

It can take time and effort to build your internet marketing list, butrepparttar 109555 results will be well worth it.

Megan Corwin is an internet marketing coach who helps work at home professionals grow their businesses. To schedule a complimentary 30 minute coaching session visit For more articles and advice about online marketing strategy and solutions, become a member of Meganís online community for work at home women:

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