Branding Versus Search Engine Optimization

Written by Kevin S. Kantola

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Another issue in branding is trademark infringement. Courts have upheld that websites using another company's branded name in its metatags is engaging in trademark infringement. For instance, a site about cats would be infringing if it putrepparttar name Best Buy in its metatags in hopes of gaining traffic from this trademarked word. Large companies have to protect themselves from others stealing traffic that is rightfully theirs. These companies cannot however protect a generic term such as "electronics" as that is fair game for all electronics companies.

So, in order to createrepparttar 127932 largest return on investment, large companies need to optimize their websites both for their own brand names and forrepparttar 127933 generic, high-traffic keywords and keyword phrases relevant to their sites. Otherwise, they are letting tons of online business just slip away.

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Make The Search Engines Love Your Site

Written by Matt Colyer

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5. Title Tag - The title tag is one ofrepparttar most powerful on-site SEO at your disposal, so use it wisely. Put your most important keyword inrepparttar 127931 title close torepparttar 127932 beginning as posable, keep it short and torepparttar 127933 point.

7. Optimize your site size - Too many images or very large images on your web page will slow down your server and cause slow loading times for your site. Slice large images into smaller pieces with a graphic editors. Also to long of pages and to much text will dorepparttar 127934 same.

8. Find backward links - Web sites that link to yours raise your link popularity. Search for web sites that are compatible with yours. Write articles that are related to your site and submit them to sites like or

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