Branding, Sloganizing and Search Engine Marketing

Written by Ralph Tegtmeier

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This will usually be a far stronger incitement to visit your page ifrepparttar web surfer is actually a serious buyer-to-be. It will also help pre-qualify your web site traffic by eliminating visitors not resident in California or perhaps not interested in buying a pickup in another state than their own.

And there are even more advantages:repparttar 128423 page will be highly topical fromrepparttar 128424 search engines' point of view, which will normally improve its ranking considerably.

Sincerepparttar 128425 page description will be indexed along withrepparttar 128426 keywords meta tag andrepparttar 128427 body text, you will increase your overall search engine coverage and enhancerepparttar 128428 possibility of your page being found under search phrase combinations you may not specifically have optimized it for. (You can't do them all, and some phrases and keyword combinations are so unlikely or even contorted, it's highly probable you won't be able to think of every possibility in advance.)

Thus, while you may be targetingrepparttar 128429 keywords or search phrases "used cars", "second hand cars" and "pickups",repparttar 128430 example above may also give your page a good ranking for combinations such as "+used +pickups +guarantee" or "pickups California", etc. Compare this torepparttar 128431 limited scope of your "Used Cars Galore: The Fairest - The Squarest - The Best!(TM)" slogan!

So what about branding and sloganizing, then? ---------------------------------------------

Don't confuserepparttar 128432 media you are working with! And, of course, determine what your web site is really about: do you actually want to sell products and services online or, atrepparttar 128433 very least, draw buyers to your brick-and-mortar sales rooms? In that case you should proceed as suggested above, leveragingrepparttar 128434 possibilities offered by keeping your page tags flexible and focused.

But even if branding (without actually targeting online sales) is all you care about, your web site will still require some enticement to motivate people to visit it.

You might offer some regular sports or betting results, feature some online games, organize a sweepstake, etc. These, too, will require focused and well described web pages, else no one will come and check them out. (Nobody will visit CocaCola's web site merely forrepparttar 128435 heck of it or to imbibe their online promo, unless they offer some entertainment and a prize of sorts to do so.)

So there are some generic limits to conventional branding onrepparttar 128436 web, and you will be well advised to heed them. Search engines aren'trepparttar 128437 best medium to try for it: you may sink a lot of money intorepparttar 128438 wrong corner ofrepparttar 128439 marketplace that way.

You may, however, push your branding considerably by other activities than search engine optimization: press releases, newsgroup participation, banner ads, reciprocal links, online reviews, free trial downloads, client testimonials, etc.

If you're interested in a professional, high quality marketing package tailor made to your specific requirements, we suggest you check out our strategic partners at California based Wolfblast Interactive Inc., < > - you won't get better value for your money anywhere!

Remember that search engines are supposed to be user tools, not mere brain dead corporate billboards! If you want to make your mark and increase your (preferably pre-qualified) search engine traffic, make sure to servicerepparttar 128440 user first: this will in fact turn out to berepparttar 128441 best investment in your search engine focused online marketing.

Users will appreciate it if your search engine rankings prove to be relevant, informative and truthful. Just like you, they don't like wasting their time on confusing, misleading or nondescript search results. And lots of studies have shown that search engine optimization is actuallyrepparttar 128442 most cost-effective marketing activity of all. It is bound to give you a much bigger bang per buck forrepparttar 128443 simple reason that it's a fairly lasting effect (at least, by internet standards it is): Many of our clients are still profiting today from search engine positioning work we did for them 10+ months ago - no banner ad campaign can beat that, not in absolute terms and certainly not for that sort of money.

Search engines: "Play them right, and they will feed you. Play them wrong, and they will eat you."

Ralph Tegtmeier is the co-founder and principal of Ltd. (UK) and GmbH (Belgium), a company specializing in webmasters software development, industrial-strength cloaking and search engine positioning services. You can contact him at

The New Millenium Search Engine Strategy

Written by Marc Goldman

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many marketers would learn, and stick in a manual which they could then sell to others for between 20-50 dollars). It used to be OPTIONAL. Now, EVERY commercial site has to pay this fee if they wish to be reviewed (again reviewed, not necessarily included). 3. (the engine formerly known as Infoseek) also has a submission service for $199.00. They also have a free submission service, which to quote their website: 'This option is free of charge, but does not guarantee either inclusion or spidering.' 4. Even little charges $99.00 to be listed in their slightly less important and less widely used search engine. Am I really against these pay to be listed services? No, not necessarily. What I am against isrepparttar charade that these companies are perpetrating that claims this is done for our greater good. Well, thanks but couldn't we be charging a more reasonable fee then? I am not suggesting ten dollars or even 20 dollars. How about $29.95, $39.95, even $50? Wouldnt this more reasonable price insure a more relevant search engine? The small businessman on a budget will berepparttar 128422 one to suffer from this change. Andrepparttar 128423 ones who benefit will berepparttar 128424 corporations who consider these costs to be equivalent to buying a bar of soap. Many ofrepparttar 128425 other search engines are banding together to receive their results from Yahoo/Go/LookSmart/Google and they will all begin charging a fee (if they do not already). So with 5-10 major search engines charging you $200 you are looking at a total cost of $1,000 - $2,000. This is unfortunate forrepparttar 128426 small businessman trying to keep their costs down. So what do we do as an alternative? 1. Continue to use doorway pages, metatag creation, strategic keyword placement and submission to engines that still use spidering and accept free submissions. 2. Consider paying for one of these services to see if your site gets listed and brings yourepparttar 128427 traffic and sales that justifyrepparttar 128428 cost. I recommend Looksmart only because they supply results to so many other engines and directories. 3. Consider a pay per click strategy on engines such as and searchcactus and several others. This is an intelligent way to spend your money, bidding on search terms and recieving a GUARANTEED placement because you paid for it. Asrepparttar 128429 internet evolves and more and more people become a part of it, an up to date search engine strategy that does not break your bank will keep you ahead ofrepparttar 128430 game!

Marc Goldman, Goldbar Enterprises Discover the exclusive members only website that will easily explode your traffic and increase your sales by thousands of dollars!!

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