Brand Young and You Brand for Life; Why Cinema Advertising is an Effective Tools for Marketers

Written by Louis Victor

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Some may call cinema advertising intrusive but they cannot denyrepparttar fact that it is highly effective. The recall rate of cinema advertising is upwards of 70% whilerepparttar 140145 recall rate of television sits at approximately 23%,repparttar 140146 reason for this is that advertisers have a totally captive and receptive audience. They finally can advertise directly torepparttar 140147 elusive teen and tween market in their own environment.

Withrepparttar 140148 Tivo age growing this has forced marketers to become more innovative in their media planning efforts. They not only have included cinema in their media mix but they have also included other forms of advertising such as guerilla marketing, trash can advertising and even beach umbrella advertising.

This is all in an effort to reachrepparttar 140149 masses, but man does not live by advertising alone. An effective public relations plan should be in place to work hand in hand with any advertising campaign. The goal ofrepparttar 140150 campaign is to get as much attention to your product as possible duringrepparttar 140151 course ofrepparttar 140152 campaign. So an effective public relations plan would only enhancerepparttar 140153 results, as it will allowrepparttar 140154 marketer to utilizerepparttar 140155 media to assist in getting their message out.

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