Brainstorming for your Digital Information Product

Written by Kurt Geer

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* Lock yourself away for an hour or two and go through allrepparttar 'Treasures' or 'Junk' you have been saving in boxes inrepparttar 109070 attic, basement, garage, hope chest, mini storage or parents house.

* Rememberrepparttar 109071 plans you made right after high school, college, your wedding orrepparttar 109072 birth of your children.

* Go through some ofrepparttar 109073 items that you have already purchased and forgot about, classes you took, pamphlets you put away or that were passed on to you?

* Ah, now some your past goals, hopes, and wishes that faded are starting to come back to you now, A! (My shot at trying to be Canadian :)

When you're done you should be able to come up with a few ideas that could turn into YOUR "Digital Information Product". (I came up with 3 just usingrepparttar 109074 1st tip)

YOUR (DIP) that YOU are an Expert on, that a focused group of people would be willing to PAY YOU FOR.

Putrepparttar 109075 information in your own words and remember 1 simple Direct Sales Rule when writing your sales letter:

1. Tell them what you are going to tell them. 2. Tell them. 3. Tell them what you told them.

Your main goal is to get up and running as quickly as you can!

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Why You Should Do Business on the Internet

Written by David Johnson

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Make a strong first impression. A Web site makes small businesses appear much larger than they are. The way your Web site handlesrepparttar technology ofrepparttar 109069 Internet ó serving up Web pages, taking orders ó can make visitors feel they are dealing with a large, established business. Check out WorldSpy ( This companyís Web site gives customersrepparttar 109070 impression itís a large shopping mart, when in reality itís staffed by a handful of employees.

Reduce your marketing costs. Putting up your Web site makes your marketing information available to millions. You can saverepparttar 109071 cost of printing and mass mailing a brochure by publishing your Web site address on your letterhead and business cards.

The Web is a huge opportunity to launch or expand your business at a fraction ofrepparttar 109072 cost ofrepparttar 109073 offline world. If youíre considering a business or looking to expand, masteringrepparttar 109074 Web should be a top marketing priority.

David Johnson is the founder, president and director of He is a lifelong entrepreneur, small-business expert, and Internet pioneer. Frustrated by the lack of small-business resources available to help him launch and promote his own Web site he decided to create a trusted resource of objective how-to information to help other small businesses.

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