Brainstorming for Enhanced Results

Written by Virginia Reeves

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Communication skills are improved during brainstorming sessions as participants articulate their thoughts and feelings. Keeping track of this output is important. If ideas are not written down they are too easily forgotten. Seeing ideas together can lead people to see how two or more may work in conjunction with another. Many useful ideas are generated that may not be used forrepparttar current project but could prove useful for later consideration or with other endeavors.

Brainstorming is wide open to interpretation and experimentation - let your mind play with ideas rather than fighting them or applying too much logic. Make replies to specific questions short - simply conveyrepparttar 101857 main idea. After several rounds have taken place, grouprepparttar 101858 ideas into categories and then start pursing how they can best be used.

Sessions using these brainstorming practices can be looked at with a sense of pleasure and productivity if handled inrepparttar 101859 spirit of people at all levels working together. Generating additional thoughts getsrepparttar 101860 flow going towardsrepparttar 101861 creation and implementation of whatever you are working on, dreaming of, or playing with.

Instead of making one line resolutions forrepparttar 101862 new year - try brainstorming for more options and possibilities to achieving that which you seek. May each year bring you even more success, fun, and synergistic projects and relationships.

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Are you OVER paying your mechanic?

Written by Austin C. Davis

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Because this customer thought she had expensive transmission trouble, she would probably be happy with a bill for $350 and she will also thinkrepparttar shop did her a favor. Her first mistake was to diagnoserepparttar 101856 problem herself. I wonder if she goes to her dentist and tells her which tooth to pull or if she thinks it is time for another root canal? You take your car torepparttar 101857 repair shop to have someone else diagnose and repair your car; so let them do their job. Her second mistake was to tellrepparttar 101858 shop how much she was willing to spend.

Most ofrepparttar 101859 mechanics and service writers that I know of work on commission, and inrepparttar 101860 example above, an additional $150 would sure be a nice tip. I see this happen allrepparttar 101861 time and it is so easy to prevent. Sometimes it is better to simply describerepparttar 101862 symptoms torepparttar 101863 service writer, remain quiet about your budget dollars and letrepparttar 101864 shop diagnoserepparttar 101865 problem with your car and how much it will cost to repair.

Ifrepparttar 101866 problem you are having with your car will require a test drive forrepparttar 101867 mechanic or service writer to hear make sure you ride inrepparttar 101868 car with them atrepparttar 101869 time you drop off your car for repairs. If they can't hear it or feel it they can't fix it, and you will probably just get frustrated and discouraged by them not being able to repairrepparttar 101870 problem you want them to fix. Have you been over-paying your mechanic?


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