Brainpower For The Overwhelmed

Written by Eileen McDargh, CSP, CPAE

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2. Say “no” to answering every message.

The average American receives 201 phone, paper, and e-mail messages a day. Take care of those that are priority and letrepparttar rest drop off. Ignorerepparttar 131304 messages that are uninvited and unnecessary.

3. Let technology work for you in prioritizing.

Called ID and voice mail can allow you to screen calls. For those who depend upon business coming in via phone and need to take every call, develop a way to shorten incoming sales calls. Telemarketing calls that come in via a computer dial-up have a few seconds of silence before a voice is heard. If that’srepparttar 131305 case, just hang up. If you are solicited, ask them to please out your name onrepparttar 131306 DO NOT call list. And then hang up.

4. Create a centering place.

Whether it is inrepparttar 131307 silence of your car, or in a shower, or closing your door, take 15 minutes per day to practice paying attention to ONE thing: your breathing, a flower, a fish tank. Likerepparttar 131308 muscle in our bodies,repparttar 131309 brain gets strong Irepparttar 131310 places where we train it. Focus turns SADD into glad!

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Whose Thought is it Anyway?

Written by Helaine Iris

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Asrepparttar red-hot rocks were brought in torepparttar 131301 lodge to createrepparttar 131302 heat and steam forrepparttar 131303 ceremony I began saying to myself, ‘I am safe withinrepparttar 131304 womb ofrepparttar 131305 mother, I am safe withinrepparttar 131306 womb ofrepparttar 131307 mother’. I repeated this spontaneous chant over and over as I tried to center and calm myself inrepparttar 131308 rising heat.

When I heard what I was saying to myself I also became aware of a loud voice churning up fromrepparttar 131309 depth of my being that shouted, “No, you are NOT safe!”

A flood of memories suddenly washed over me and I remembered what my mother told me about my own birth. She shared that she was terrified when she was giving birth to me.

As if struck by lightening I realized thatrepparttar 131310 fear I was experiencing inrepparttar 131311 lodge and in most of my life was not my fear at all. It was my mothers fear. I learned to take on my mothers fear as if it were my own. I also became aware of a bigger part of me that isn’t afraid at all and feels quite confident and at ease inrepparttar 131312 world.

As I later processed what I had created in that sweat lodge I embraced this very profound and life changing lesson.

Here are 4 questions based onrepparttar 131313 Life on Purpose Institute’s Purpose Process to discover if your life is being shaped by thoughts and feelings that limit your wholeness and expression of who you truly are.

1. Are your thoughts often fearful and based inrepparttar 131314 need to survive? 2. Do you sometimes feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied? 3. Do you often say to yourself or others “that’s justrepparttar 131315 way I am”? 4. Do you eventually default back to limiting thinking even when things are going well?

What would your life be like if you learned to embrace those loud, limiting voices, yet not be controlled by them? What if you chose to listen and respond to your true voice instead? Your life would be more relaxed, more inrepparttar 131316 flow. You might finally live your dreams and feelrepparttar 131317 fulfillment and deep satisfaction that is possible when you are living true to who you are. You could walk inrepparttar 131318 sunshine and count your blessings in peace.

It’s your life…imaginerepparttar 131319 possibilities!

Helaine Iris is a Certified Life Coach She works with people who want more out of life. People who want to make personal, relationship or career changes, and lead successful, balanced lives filled with love, passion and purpose For a complimentary session visit her website or call her 603-357-8546 or email her

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