Bradley Gailey Debut CD Release Entitled "You're Gonna Like It"

Written by Bradley Gailey

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About Bradley Gailey: Bradley Gailey is a singer/songwriter based in Monaca, Pennsylvania. Contact: Bradley Gailey 1534 Pennsylvania Avenue Monaca, PA 15061 (724) 775-4940 ext 101

Bradley Gailey is a singer/songwriter. His debut CD entitled "Your Gonna Like It" will be released on August 5, 2005.

How to Host a Long Distance Baby Shower

Written by Jill Manty

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Another high-tech option is setting up a live video feed on a computer. If you have a computer and a web camera, and there is one available inrepparttar out of town location, it would be fun if out of town friends and family could gather together whilerepparttar 147420 local shower is being held. They could either hold a simultaneous shower (similar torepparttar 147421 videotape shower) or send their gifts torepparttar 147422 local shower and be "present" forrepparttar 147423 opening. If games are going to be played, any handouts should be sent torepparttar 147424 out of town guests, so that they can "participate", as well. Perhaps they could even serverepparttar 147425 same food.

Friends and family are so important inrepparttar 147426 life of a woman expecting a baby. Providing an opportunity for them to be present in some way for her shower is probablyrepparttar 147427 best gift that you could give her. If at all possible, find a way to involve those who can't be physically present.

Jill Manty is a stay at home and co-owner of, an online business dedicated to providing information about baby showers, breastfeeding, and natural parenting.

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