Boost your selling power with your call-to-action phrases

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

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Another helpful hint, don’t save your call-to-action phrase for last. Place them throughout your copy. Incorporate phrases like: Purchase our product today and…. Pick uprepparttar phone and call and you’ll learn....

Already have a decent call-to-action? Pump it up. Include every possible way customers can contact and buy from you. Give an example of how you’ll make their life better and easier. This could be. Buy this power broom today and it’ll cut your cleaning time by 75%. Imagine what you can with an extra three hours each week.

Want some more examples? Here are some courtesy of my mailbox.

“Hurry! This “free sample invitation” & FREE GIFT offer won’t last long. Just mail backrepparttar 108070 FREE-SAMPLE certificate today. So you don’t miss it.”

“Classes begin throughoutrepparttar 108071 year, so there’s no better time to start than now. Call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx today”

“Do it today. Enroll online. Mail your Risk-Free Trial Certificate. Or call 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx now” See how easy they made it to respond.

Get an unbeatable 0% APR FOR LIFE on transferred balances withrepparttar 108072 xxxxxxxx Platinum Card. It’s easy – just fill outrepparttar 108073 Application below and mail it today!

So, what are you waiting for? Go plant those call-to-action phrases in your copy and watch your business grow…right now.

Vanessa Selene Williams an independent writer who writes for businesses and corporations. Visit her online at or email her at to learn more.

Costly Web Copy Pitfalls

Written by Vanessa Selene Williams

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Quick tip: Visit your site. Doesrepparttar copy contain more “we,” “me,” and “I” statements than “you” and “your?”

Marco…Polo Have you ever visited a site to be sold onrepparttar 108069 product, then when you needed to ask a quick question, you couldn’t find their contact information? The solution: Put at least an email address or phone number on each page, preferably atrepparttar 108070 top or bottom. Then put more detailed contact information on your contact page.

Rarely read but really important. Justrepparttar 108071 presence of terms and conditions and privacy policies instills confidence in your product. It also easesrepparttar 108072 minds of your more anxious customers.

Vague, iffy, testimonials Testimonials arerepparttar 108073 easiest and perhapsrepparttar 108074 best way to capture your customers’ attention and confidence. But simple statements saying that your product is good, won’t work. Detailed testimonials praising how much your product improved their life work best. Another way to give testimonials more selling power, get a picture. Even better, get a picture with you customer using your product or benefiting from your service.

Vanessa Selene Williams an independent writer who writes for businesses and corporations. She currently offers 30-minute and 60-minute critiques and consultations. To learn more about Vanessa and her services visit her online at or email her at

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