"Boost Sales With An Email Bonus!"

Written by A.T.Rendon

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This gives your established customers preference.

But you can userepparttar same technique with total strangers, like those from a safe list that you recently joined, by wording your email to show that it is a "Special Announcement".

All of us allow our attention to be captured when we see an email alert of this nature.

Whether or not our attention is retained by that email has less to do withrepparttar 127510 actual wording ofrepparttar 127511 alert than withrepparttar 127512 subject matter and whether it holds any interest for us personally.

Butrepparttar 127513 important thing to remember, is thatrepparttar 127514 'Alert' itself can capture repparttar 127515 attention of your potential audience just long enough for them to decide if it is of interest for them.

Capturingrepparttar 127516 attention of your target market will always BOOST YOUR SALES!

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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Here is where you tellrepparttar prospect why your product or service is better than your competition. If it is an affiliate program, why will they be better off dealing with you rather thanrepparttar 127509 thousands of others hawkingrepparttar 127510 same thing? Power words are useful here. You have to kindlerepparttar 127511 flame in their mind that will makerepparttar 127512 sale.

Testimonials are of great value. But make them real - "Grace C" in Colorado who says great things about you or your product just won't cut it. These types of phony testimonials have little, if any value. You have to have real people who are willing to give you a testimonial, and if necessary answer any questions your prospect might have. A good way to do this is, for you to write canned responses that they will send when they get an inquiry. That way, even though they would be supportive, you will be sure they providerepparttar 127513 information you wishrepparttar 127514 prospect to receive.


The close isrepparttar 127515 most important part of your pitch. You always have to reinforce why your prospect needs to act now, and don't be afraid to ask them. Give them an easy ordering process that includes a method of immediate payment such as a credit card or an online check. I can't emphasize too stronglyrepparttar 127516 importance of this. If there is no immediacy, a cooling off period exists and you may loserepparttar 127517 sale.

A telephone number where they can reach you is important, and overrepparttar 127518 years I have changed my thinking on toll free numbers forrepparttar 127519 initial contact. While a toll free number will generate a "ton" of calls,repparttar 127520 majority will fall intorepparttar 127521 category of "tire kickers", which simply take your time. When we discontinued our toll free numbers,repparttar 127522 number of calls received decreased by about 80%, butrepparttar 127523 number of sales tripled. We found that if a person had to spend their dime, they were serious, and real prospects were not getting a busy signal by those who were simply "fishing".

Always get their phone number so you can call them back. If they don't order immediately, call them back in a few days. It is also wise to get an email address if they have one so you can follow up that way as well.

While you will develop your own methods,repparttar 127524 A.I.D.A. formula is a great starting point to ensurerepparttar 127525 desired results.

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