Booming coding community offers unique niche, member rewards

Written by Jacob Melovitch

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Over 300 members have already joinedrepparttar site.

In addition torepparttar 131624 discussion forums,repparttar 131625 site also allows users to post advertisements free of charge in a special section.

"Itís just our way of supportingrepparttar 131626 members that have helped us grow," said Coleman.

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About Young Coders, an interactive community for youth with entrepreneurial aspirations and for those interested in coding and web development, was established in late August, 2004. Since its inception,repparttar 131628 communityís membership has grown to over 300, andrepparttar 131629 board contains a whopping 13,000+ posts.

The site boasts thousands of Google-indexed pages, and currently has a Page Rank of 4.

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Newbie Business Building and Information Overload - What Can You do About It?

Written by Francisco Aloy

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Dig deep into all areas dealing with creating and maintaining an ongoing business. Look into Web building, advertising and promotion. Be leery of concepts that are vague or unclear. Should you run intorepparttar words "new business model," head forrepparttar 131622 door as fast as you can!

Always remember that you don't want to re-inventrepparttar 131623 wheel, you just want to have a very good understanding of how it works. You are not trying to break new ground but to understandrepparttar 131624 well worn steps traveled by others before you.

Don't attach a personal judgment to some ofrepparttar 131625 sales literature since there is a reason for that weed to grow. Commercial copywriting should be a main subject of study, no matter what your personal viewpoint.

As time goes by, you'll begin to feel a new courage that is gained byrepparttar 131626 convictions of your studies. As you read many ofrepparttar 131627 ads offered, you'll have a guiding principle in your mind and in your gut. No longer will you be like a leaf, blown about by a merciless wind! You haverepparttar 131628 power of knowledge to guide you!

As you surfrepparttar 131629 Web, make a list of sites that you like. I'm talking about particular sites associated with starting and building your Net business. You'll recognize them instantly because their writing will be clearheaded and torepparttar 131630 point. Their articles will be in favor ofrepparttar 131631 reader with very little heavy handed sales copy. Whenrepparttar 131632 need arises, go there and drink deeply fromrepparttar 131633 well.

Allrepparttar 131634 above should contribute greatly to help you find your center; you won't be fumbling around inrepparttar 131635 dark anymore. When you run intorepparttar 131636 next me-too fad to hitrepparttar 131637 web and it rears its ugly head to look at you, you'll know exactly what to do. It's a good thing and I welcome you torepparttar 131638 peace of mind of your new home.

by Francisco Aloy

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