Books Are The Treasures Of The Written Word

Written by Sophie Ann Rosario

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Then we haverepparttar world of fiction. Fiction books are made up, make-believe, tales, stories fromrepparttar 145010 mind ofrepparttar 145011 writer. Some fiction books are pretty far-fetched. Some books are based on some fact. Some are so close torepparttar 145012 truth with just a few details enhanced or exaggerated to make it more interesting.

Withrepparttar 145013 rise of technology, book expenses have risen also. Unfortunately, this only damages reading more. There are several options for those wanting to have their enjoyment of books. One format is electronic, or e-books. E-books can be purchased online and downloaded instantly like a computer program. They can then be read right onrepparttar 145014 computer screen. Another option is book trade-outs and used book stores. Even national airports are becoming involved in book trade-outs. You can buy a book, read it on your flight, then return it at your destination airport and get part of your cash back. Someone else can then obtain that "used" book for a lower price andrepparttar 145015 book cycle goes on.

In this technological world, we still need to remember that none of it would be possible withoutrepparttar 145016 printed word.

Sophie Ann Rosario is founder of All About Books an excellent resource site dedicated to information about books.

Seecrets On Writing: Free Requotable Quotes For Internet Writers

Written by Stan Seecrets

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Crypto will be a search engine’s nightmare. (Commenting ofrepparttar possibility of using crypto as a safeguard against search engines increasing encroachments on individuals’ privacy)

Website promotion is a journey of a million sweats. Savor each drop and it will taste like honey. (Commenting on most websites’ futility in trying to use shortcuts and dubious methods to improve their site’s ranking)

If reading makethrepparttar 144635 man, conferencerepparttar 144636 complete man and writingrepparttar 144637 exact man, thenrepparttar 144638 internet maketh writers free. (Addendum to Francis Bacon’s famous quote and commenting onrepparttar 144639 writers unprecedented freedoms)

Poets try to capturerepparttar 144640 essence ofrepparttar 144641 universe withrepparttar 144642 elegance of words. Mathematicians try to dorepparttar 144643 same with their formula and numbers. Therefore, mathematicians are calculative poets. (Poking fun at mathematicians, and himself)

Those who write articles cannot write software. Those who write software cannot write articles. Those who can do neither, become publishers. (Spoof of Lao Zi’s 56th verse and poking fun at publishers while jealous of their top positions ofrepparttar 144644 content food chain)

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