Book Summary : Primal Leadership

Written by Regine Azurin

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Four Dimensions of Emotional Intelligence The creation of resonance is a hallmark of primal leadership that can only be fostered by emotionally intelligent leaders. For a leader to promote prime resonance in a group, it is important to understand repparttar four EI competencies. Interestingly, these competencies are not innately inherent but are learned abilities. According to research, an effective leader typically demonstrates at least one competence among repparttar 119415 four dimensions.

1. Self-Awareness 2. Self-Management 3. Social Awareness 4. Relationship Management

Approaches to Leadership in a Nutshell 1. Visionary 2. Coaching 3. Affiliative 4. Democratic 5. Pacesetting 6. Commanding

The Five Discoveries of Self-Directed Learning 1. First Discovery: My ideal self Who do I want to be? 2. Second Discovery: My real self Who am I? What are my strengths and gaps? 3. Third Discovery: My learning agenda How can I build on my strengths while reducing my gaps? 4. Fourth Discovery: Experimenting with and practicing new behaviors, thoughts, and feelings torepparttar 119416 point of mastery. 5. Fifth Discovery: Developing supportive and trusting relationships that make change possible.

Final Notes Primal leadership is anchored on emotions. These emotions have underlying neurological explanations to them such asrepparttar 119417 open loop system. Thus, a leader must work hard to obtain emotional intelligence competencies that will make him a resonant leader because resonance isrepparttar 119418 key to primal leadership.

A resonant leader builds a culture of resonance by demonstrating emotionally intelligent abilities that permeate throughoutrepparttar 119419 organization. A resonant leader aims to live a resonant life for him and his people in order to make resonant work. It is this kind of work that builds an emotionally intelligent organization a kind of organization that can survive repparttar 119420 changing business climate because it has built-in processes that can sustain change.

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The Importance of Background Verification

Written by Stephen Spain

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Corporate management has enormous pressure to hold employees torepparttar highest ethical standards. Background checking cannot give employers everything they want but, there are data bases and sources for many other kinds of information; criminal data bases, sex-offender registries, workers compensation histories and of course critical screening for drivers licenses, employment history and educational history. Bad hires can be devastating for a firm. Even a low level employee might mange to embezzle a few thousand dollars or drive away customers or atrepparttar 119414 l east consistently not show up for work costing you your hard earned customers business. While it might be impossible to safeguard a company against every potential act of dishonesty, Hiring professionals can minimizerepparttar 119415 chances for unscrupulous behavior by understanding who it is they are really hiring. This means developing easy to institute background checking procedures that are utilized at all levels ofrepparttar 119416 organization.

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