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States to strive for:

1. Visionary thinking without idle dreaming. 2. Unashamed neediness without selfish greediness. 3. Eternal optimism without denying common sense. 4. Guru worshipping without blind following. 5. Sound self-esteem without ignorant arrogance. 6. Thirst for challenge without imprudent impatience. 7. Steadfast principles without narrow prejudice. 8. Consistent courage without thoughtless gambling. 9. Endless energy without debilitating burnout. 10.Prepared proactively without disregard for opportunity. 11.Solid responsibility without rigid perfectionism. 12.Calm concentration without repressed creativity. 13.Systematic organization without obtuse obsessing. 14.Meticulous planning without stubborn inflexibility. 15.Sharp decisiveness without blindness to consequences. 16.Slick self-presentation without enslavement to fashion. 17.Positive problem solving without immunity to despair. 18.Reliable intuition without acting on every hunch. 19.Searching self-reflection without frustrating self-absorption. 20.Pride in individuality without disregard for human commonality. 21.Deep emotionality without enslavement to feelings. 22.Stringent self-criticism without suffocating self-abuse. 23.Intolerance of excuses without deafness to their message. 24.Sincere self-forgiveness without self-inflicted punishment. 25.Personal power without disempowering others. 26.Assertive directness without thoughtless insensitivity. 27.Skilled self-protection without harmful aggression. 28.Perpetually learning without devaluing my own wisdom. 29.Seriously focused without humorless solemnity. 30.Sensibly self-nurturing without spurning support. 31.Seeker of solitude without reclusive aloofness. 32.Reveling in success without fear of failure. 33.Scrupulously self-healing without dismissing comfort. 34.Amply self-rewarding without rejecting recognition. 35.Inwardly driven without scorning incentives

Key thoughts:

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because characte is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are." -John Wooden, college basketball coach

"Although they only give gold medals inrepparttar field of athletics, I encourage everyone to look into themselves and find their own personal dream, whatever that may be - sports, medicine, law, business, music, writing, whatever. The same principles apply. Turn your dream into a goal and learn how to attack that goal systematically. Break it into bite-size chunks that seem possible, and then don't give up. Just keep plugging away." - John Naber, swimmer, four-time Olympic Gold Medalist

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The Man You Are

Written by Bayo Ogunsanya

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This to my mind is unconnected torepparttar environment and setting to whichrepparttar 105229 author came from.Imaging a comfortable author in an organised society,a society in which every provision is made availablerepparttar 105230 government writing about poverty eradication in Africa or becoming a millionire within one year in Nigeria economy.

Bayo is an accountant by profession and a banker by calling.He is an HND holder with ICAN PE1.He is married with two lovely daughters,Sandra&Winnie.

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