Book Summary: EVEolution

Written by Regine P. Azurin

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4. Market to her peripheral vision and she will see you in a whole new light. Women are attentive torepparttar small details men miss. They will go out and shop for that suit they saw on Diane Sawyer last night while watchingrepparttar 131091 news. Starbucks is one company that is EVEolved all around. The female customer can enjoy her coffee in a bright, clean place with a well-stocked restroom (a must if you want to attract women) and she can purchaserepparttar 131092 in-house music on CD or a cookie for her toddler in tow. Work onrepparttar 131093 subtle details surrounding your brand,repparttar 131094 store music,repparttar 131095 way your menu is designed,repparttar 131096 uniforms of your waitresses or sales representatives. She will more likely notice these things than if you assault her with aggressive advertising or bothersome phone calls. .

5. Walk, run, go to her, secure her loyalty forever. The Avon lady was justrepparttar 131097 first step. She was born in an age when women stayed at home because they were mainly housewives. Today, women donít want to make that extra trip torepparttar 131098 grocery or salon because they are simply exhausted. If you can provide her quality service at home, atrepparttar 131099 times when she is at home, your brand will be indispensable. Why not supply her groceries on a monthly basis? Go to her, because frankly, she doesnít haverepparttar 131100 time to go looking for you.

6. This generation of women consumers will lead you torepparttar 131101 next. Practicerepparttar 131102 brand-me-down approach. The detergent a woman uses is most likelyrepparttar 131103 brand her mother always used. Household names are what they are because women runrepparttar 131104 household. In Asian markets where family ties are strong,repparttar 131105 brand-me-down approach will definitely sell. Attaching a brand torepparttar 131106 name Mother will have a strong identification with quality and trust. Hold motherís day events or family day events and strengthen your commitment to her.

7. Co-parenting isrepparttar 131107 best way to raise a brand. Ask her how she feels, what colors she prefers, how does she think she can be served best? When wasrepparttar 131108 last time you asked her for feedback and actually responded by redesigning your product?

8. Everything matters Ė you canít hide behind your logo. Women look for integrity in a brand. Fromrepparttar 131109 way you treat your employees, your CEOís personal life, to issues like animal testing, environmentally sound practices, and raw materials sourcing. You need to walk your talk and back up your claim. Women donít simply look for value in a brand. They look for Values.

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It Isn't Easy to Wear a Tiara

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

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I have always wanted a tiara just because. I never realized that having one would teach me so many lessons. I thought it would be funny to wear one in public, but what I realized is that being different isn't always amusing. Standing out is uncomfortable. People say and do strange things when we are not like them and it isn't always pleasant. Wearing a tiara has made me realize how difficult it is to be ourselves because we have so many outside influences expecting us to fit in and be "normal."

Thanks to my tiara training, I have begun to look at differences in a whole new light. While dining out for lunch, I noticed a woman sitting next to me. She was in her 50's and hadrepparttar brightest pink hair I had ever seen. Instead of making any kind of judgment about her, I simply found it amusing and went on. I noticed other people staring at her and a few even made comments, but she went on with her lunch and didn't respond. She was living her liferepparttar 131089 way she wanted not worrying about what others were thinking.

Wearing a tiara has taught me that being who I am isrepparttar 131090 most difficult thing I will ever have to do. It is something that takes courage, self-esteem and a thick skin. However, I am also realizing that to be anything less than who I came here to be is so much more painful. The number one lesson I have learned is to simply, "be yourself."

Coach Lee, MS is an Int'l Business & Personal Coach with 17 years of corporate management experience. She is a faculty member at the Univ. of Phoenix, a trainer for CoachU, the Int'l Coach Academy & Colorado Free Univ. She is a published writer & quoted as an expert in coaching. She is currently earning a Doctorate Degree in Applied Management & Decision Sciences, specializing in Business Coaching.

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