Book Shelf Decorating Idea & Tip

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

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If your curtain finial doesn't matchrepparttar shelf, or you bought it unfinished, simply paint, stain or varnish it to fit your room and shelf decor.

Take this decorating tip even further by buying finials of different sizes, shapes and colors. Then change them withrepparttar 118024 seasons, each time you want a fresher, different look torepparttar 118025 room, or each time you re-decorate completely.

Alternatively of course, you can simply buy a plain architectural finial withoutrepparttar 118026 screw already in place - then just glue that into place on your book shelf.

Start shopping around for decorative and unusual finials today, and get your bookshelves all spruced up for spring!

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French Country Style Decorating Ideas

Written by Jill Kane

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Some other accents you may want to use baskets of fruit and/or bread,repparttar classic topiary for a centerpiece, garlands of wildflowers to surround windows or drape anywhere for that country meadow look, blue and white china, lace curtains and hand hooked rugs to soften those hard stone floors. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, which isrepparttar 118023 heart of a French country home, decorate it by hanging some copper pots or perhaps a few sprigs of dried herbs or wildflowers. Also, roosters, cats, geese and other barnyard animal likenesses are popular themes for artwork to establish that cozy, rural ambience.

Whether you live in a farmhouse or a grand chateau (or somewhere in between) a French country style can be incorporated into your home.

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