Book Review: The Non-designer’s Design Book, Second Edition

Written by Granny's Mettle

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The typography section, onrepparttar other hand, explainsrepparttar 131540 principles of Concord, Conflict, and Contrast. The three (3) principles have been based by Williams on typefaces by style, weight, shape, and spacing.

Totally clueless on graphic design, I wanted to have knowledge, even ifrepparttar 131541 most basic, onrepparttar 131542 good and bad of designing. This book definitely provided me withrepparttar 131543 basic technical ability to do so. Suggestions on creating one-page designs for simple newsletters, brochures, or business cards have been an eye-opener for me. Also, it has given me helpful and useful insights onrepparttar 131544 world of layout.

Mind you,repparttar 131545 book does not make you an instant expert and professional designer who is capable of producing sophisticated works of art. For this, you really need to have a formal degree to achieve this.

However, if your goal is to be able to haverepparttar 131546 ability to produce easy and decent media pieces, this book can help you on that department. Maybe someday I can venture intorepparttar 131547 graphics design business.

Provide yourselfrepparttar 131548 time to readrepparttar 131549 book and dorepparttar 131550 exercises. It will definitely help you improve your designs. I know mine did.

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Newsbytes From The World Wide Web

Written by Jim Edwards

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The fact that consumers can now get their hands onrepparttar equipment to download and listen to these broadcasts so cheaply means a whole world of amateur dj's and talk show hosts is about to hitrepparttar 131539 cyber-airwaves.

Though you've heard rumblings about it, and people are grasping around inrepparttar 131540 dark trying to get a grip on how to implement it, now you can actually plan to see and hear aboutrepparttar 131541 widespread use of "pod casting" inrepparttar 131542 very near future since a potential audience of listeners withrepparttar 131543 right equipment is now set to grow.

** Associated Press Offers RSS Feeds **

The Associated Press now offers RSS feeds of their top news stories. RSS (Real Simple Syndication) makes it possible for content providers to offer instant updates to their readers without sending email.

Anyone with an RSS reader such as FeedDemon ( can receive and read RSS feeds.

Traditionally,repparttar 131544 Associated Press marketed their services exclusively to newspapers and online sources such as Yahoo! News.

Now, by offering their RSS feeds directly to consumers at,repparttar 131545 Associated Press is obviously seeking to bypass online news sources and go directly torepparttar 131546 consumer.

The fact thatrepparttar 131547 world's oldest and largest news source has chosen to start offering content this way demonstrates quite clearly that RSS is fast coming of age as an acceptable mass-communication medium and that widespread consumer adoption is imminent.

Soon, there'll be an RSS reader on every computer desktop andrepparttar 131548 use of RSS will become as widespread as email.

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