Boneless Prime Roast Recipe

Written by Hans Dekker

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Preheatrepparttar oven to 500 and place a layer of rock salt inrepparttar 146146 bottom ofrepparttar 146147 roasting pan. The layer of salt should be about 1 inch deep. Sprinklerepparttar 146148 salt with about half a cup of warm water and placerepparttar 146149 roast on top ofrepparttar 146150 salt. The boneless prime rib recipe tells you to coverrepparttar 146151 roast completely with rock salt.

The reason this boneless prime rib recipe uses rock salt is to sealrepparttar 146152 exterior ofrepparttar 146153 meat so that it remains tasty and juicy. The beef will not taste salty --repparttar 146154 salt crust is removed before serving.

Cookrepparttar 146155 meat for about 15 minutes per pound keepingrepparttar 146156 door ofrepparttar 146157 oven closed forrepparttar 146158 entire cooking time. When it is done, let it sit for about 15 minutes before serving. Your guests will love this boneless prime rib recipe!

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History of Mexican Coffee

Written by Randy Wilson

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Duringrepparttar 1980s, coffee became Mexico's most valuable export crop. In 1985 coffee growers produced 4.9 million sixty-kilogram bags, and coffee exports earned $882US million atrepparttar 146095 unusually high world price of $0.90US per kilogram. Thereafter output fluctuated between 5.6 million bags and 4.4 million bags.

As international coffee prices rose further,repparttar 146096 government in 1988 encouraged coffee growers, especially in Chiapas, to increase output and expandrepparttar 146097 area under cultivation. It tried to increase production by offering easy credit to coffee growers and by converting forested land into ejidos for cultivation by poor Mexican coffee growers.

The finest grade of Mexican coffee is "Altura," which means "high-grown." Where coffee is concerned, higher always means better, andrepparttar 146098 high-grown coffees of Mexico are considered very high-quality indeed and amongrepparttar 146099 finest grown inrepparttar 146100 Americas.

Mexican coffee drinkers have a unique way of brewing their coffee, many prefer to add a small amount of cinnamon torepparttar 146101 ground coffee before brewing, this adds a distinct flavor and also reducesrepparttar 146102 acidity.

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