Bogus Virus Warning ...

Written by Kimberly Teed

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anyone running Windows 98 will find it. If you've fallen victim to this hoax and deleted this file ... visit aa052601a.htm?nk=r1&terms=SULFNBK.EXE or do a web search for 'Restoring Sulfnbk.exe'.

However! If a Sulfnbk.exe comes attached to an e-mail -- don't open it -- any executable hasrepparttar potential to be infected.

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This Privacy Stuff is Really Bugging Me!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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"Bad" bugs are used by nefarious sites to collect information from your hard drive and pass it back to their server without your knowledge. This is done in combination with cookies to send information about your surfing habits to third parties, also without your knowledge. For more about cookies visit:

Some of these nasty little critters can even be used from web pages or within your email to install "executable bugs," which can install a file onto your hard drive to collect information whenever you are online. For example, one such bug can scan a hard drive to send information on every document that containsrepparttar word "financial."

More on Web Bugs . . .

Fortunately there is a new software available for Windows users called

Bugnosis which is provided as freeware byrepparttar 132123

Privacy Foundation.

The software is designed as a browser plug-in to notify you when a page you visit is a security risk, or simply ifrepparttar 132124 page contains web bugs. They are working on a version that will notify you of bugs in your email.

Callrepparttar 132125 exterminator honey, we've got bugs inrepparttar 132126 PC!

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