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Written by Arlene Unger

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“I never lose weight when I exercise” is another bad excuse that can lead us to lethargy. The key is not to focus only atrepparttar scale but also your heart rate, muscle mass and how your clothes are fitting. In resistance training, as you exercise, fat cells can be replaced by lean muscle mass.

Taking time out to exercise may upset our flow and daily comforts, but taking 3 days off may cause us to backslide. After 72 hours our resting heart rate begins to return to where it was when we first began exercising months ago.

Regardless of whether your mood is saying, “I am bored, I don’t want to work out alone", or "I drove too much this week", your body is still sending you signals to move rest and challenge yourself. The key is to learn to pay attention to those signals and not be swayed by your excuses. If you went torepparttar 131259 gym straight from work twice a week, Then worked out at homerepparttar 131260 other nights, you will slowly experience how much more your body feels exhilarated and how much more you are listening to what it really needs.

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Your Body Is Not A Work Of Art

Written by Alison Finch

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metre of blood vessels and thousands of sensory cells. Picture that if you can!

And here's another fact to blow your mind: your brain has around 12 BILLION nerve cells!

Wow, isn't YOUR body amazing? Doesn't it deserve a bit of respect? So what if you have a few stretch-marks or you’re a bit hairier than you'd like to be? Your

body is still fabulous and there is an awful lot that you can DO with it that is fun and pleasurable.

If you have a negative chatterbox inside your head that drones on day-after-day, spouting destructive and superficial criticisms of your body, then maybe now is

the time to tell it to shut up and stop being so unfair. Let's be radical and simply stop listening to it so that we can all start living in harmony with our own bodies

AND other people's bodies too. Let's be radical and simply stop listening to it so that we can all start living in harmony with our own bodies AND other people's

bodies too. If you're up for this challenge then please readrepparttar tips that I've listed below and try implementing a few of them overrepparttar 131257 next couple of weeks.

tip one: Stop comparing and competing with other people because it is a fruitless activity, which I can guarantee will lower your self-worth. Accept instead that

every body and every face is different and there will always be people inrepparttar 131258 world who are more beautiful than you and some who are less.

tip two: Select four activities fromrepparttar 131259 list below and find an opportunity sometime overrepparttar 131260 next two weeks to focus on doing them well.

a) Practise some deep breathing exercises. b) Cook a fabulous meal and eat it slowly, savouring each mouthful. c) Go into your bedroom on your own and be silly for five minutes. Jump around, wiggle your arms and legs, roll onrepparttar 131261 bed and laugh at how ridiculous you'd feel

if someone could see you doing it! d) Find three things that you enjoy touching and spend a few moments relishingrepparttar 131262 feel of them. Maybe a flower, a piece of silk, a smooth pebble, a cat or a

dog etc. e) If you're not inrepparttar 131263 habit of exercise pick an activity that makes you feel a little bit out of breath. An obvious one could be to run up and downrepparttar 131264 stairs a

few times.

tip three: Recognise that we are all capable of expressing beauty though our actions. Think of statements like: her face lit up, he has a twinkle in her eye, she

moves so gracefully, he's so vibrant and full of energy, she has a cheeky little grin, he always stands tall and proud, her eyes are always warm and inviting, he

looks as if he's enjoying life, she has a lovely touch, he givesrepparttar 131265 best hugs ever, they make me feel wanted and secure. Now find some words of your own that you can focus on to encourage you expressrepparttar 131266 beauty that exists within your body.

tip four: Write something positive about your body and don't feel ashamed of liking it. It's OK to celebrate your bodily openly so why not start today!

Alison Finch is the Founder and Creator of, the most popular self-esteem site on the Internet. Since 2004 she has reached out to over 100,000 women from over 90 countries and provided the much needed help to boost their self-esteem. Her unique approach to building self-esteem is refreshingly different and has a twelve-year proven track record of success. Find out more.

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