Body Fat Distribution Factors

Written by Laura Ciocan

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We've seen how health related problems can affect body fat, now let's take a look at how fat can induce health problems.

It is clear that increased body fat affects health,repparttar news is that its distribution onrepparttar 131423 body influencesrepparttar 131424 state of health of specific organs.

According to its placement, fat can be subcutaneous (underrepparttar 131425 skin) or visceral (around organs). The greatest concern is generated by visceral fat that can interfere withrepparttar 131426 good functioning of vital organs. There is a relationship between overall fat deposits and specific fat deposits: fat aroundrepparttar 131427 body middle section is associated with visceral fat, so, abdominal fat isrepparttar 131428 most serious health risk.

The waist to hip ratio is a method of determining whether there are excessive amounts of upper body fat. It is obtained by dividingrepparttar 131429 waist measurement byrepparttar 131430 hip measurement. The upper limits are:.95 for men and .80 for women. Any exceeding values should be alarming.

Apple-shaped fat individuals are exposed to a greater risk of developing obesity-related diseases, asrepparttar 131431 fat is intra-abdominal and distributed around their stomach and chest. They risk:

* Cardiovascular diseases and hypertension * Type 2 diabetes * Respiratory diseases (sleep apnea syndrome) * Some cancers * Osteoarthritis

The pear-shaped overweight persons are at greater risk of mechanical problems, as most of their body fat is distributed around their hips, thighs and bottom.

Both apple-shaped and pear-shaped obese persons are likely to develop psychological problems and alteration ofrepparttar 131432 quality of life.

In any case, extra-weight cannot create but problems. Fact is thatrepparttar 131433 main role in acquiring extra-fat isrepparttar 131434 food intake thatrepparttar 131435 body cannot burn for various reasons (such as a decreased metabolic rate, low activity level orrepparttar 131436 physical condition), and, consequently, it creates fat deposits. The solution is a classic one: diet and exercise.

However, in shedding extra weight there are men-women differences. The process appears to be harder for women.

The total mass ofrepparttar 131437 body is made up of fat mass and fat-free mass. The fat mass can be of two types: essential and excess. Essential fat is found in bone marrow, in various organs, and throughoutrepparttar 131438 nervous system.

Women are at a disadvantage, as their physiological processes (childbearing and hormone functions) require a plus of essential fat,repparttar 131439 "sex-specific fat". Thusrepparttar 131440 total percentage of body fat is higher, moreover, this part of essential fat is hard to dislodge. Secondly, women have less calorie burning muscle than men, which makes it more more demanding forrepparttar 131441 female to achieve a trimmer figure. Now, girls, don't use it as an excuse!

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Eating Instinctively

Written by Laura Ciocan

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Another reason supportingrepparttar theory towards a simpler way of eating is that based onrepparttar 131422 foods offered by nature. Every living creature finds its subsistence resources in nature. Theoretically, foods of natural origin in their unspoiled state should suffice for ensuring men a healthy existence. I am not a sustainer of some paleolithic diet or anything like this, but we cannot not make reference torepparttar 131423 simple way of eating of old times. It is a fact that in modern times modern and more complex diseases have developed (such asrepparttar 131424 increased incidence of tooth decay, allergies, various diseases ofrepparttar 131425 digestive system such as diverticulitis), most in tight connection to modern diets. Man was not built for so many refined and super-refined processed foods. The great discovery - cooking - was just a means to make foods more digestible, but nowadays we experience an extreme version of modern eating, one abounding in processed foods and pre-prepared meals.

Eating in a balanced proportion raw foods (vegetables, fruit) and cooked meals is definitely healthier. Also healthy choices are those of foods in an unrefined state, as close to natural as possible.

Towards a healthier way of eating a reconsideration of our diet is needed. The thing is, it is harder to re-educate ourselves than to acquire from scratch, as first we need to forget everything we know, get rid of allrepparttar 131426 unhealthy habits and then to rediscover eating and it is even harder to resist so many temptations scatered all over, just at hand to grab!

Laura Ciocan writes for where you can find more information about the dietary options.

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