Body Building for beginners

Written by Ryan Fyfe

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  • Set Goals - Set goals that are attainable. Out of reach goals only set yourself up for failure. Take it one step at a time, and enjoy/celebrate your success allrepparttar way uprepparttar 137189 ladder. Whether itís another 10pounds to your bench press or just making it torepparttar 137190 gym 3 days a week, you need to set goals, otherwise itís easy for your workout to get pushed aside when life gets busy.
  • Visualize Success - Itís important to see yourself succeeding before you even begin working out. This winning mind set will take you to new levels in your training and will set yourself up for success!

    Be smart about getting into body building to ensure that you will achieve success both mentally and physically.


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  • Diamonds in the Ruff: How to find a good personal trainer.

    Written by Aaron M. Potts, ISSA CFT

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    For more specific considerations like training for a sport or athletic competition, your trainer will need a higher degree of expertise. The American College of Sports Medicine has a great program and is one ofrepparttar most recognized certifications for sport specific training.

    You should ask very specific questions about how a potential trainer is going to tacklerepparttar 137059 particular issues that you want covered during your training program.


    Regardless of your potential trainer's credentials and professionalism, you need to know where you are going to train. The industry standard of only working out at a gym is being challenged more and more these days. It is possible now to find a trainer who will come right to your house and train you, or possibly meet you outside, or in your housing area community fitness center. Don't fall intorepparttar 137060 trap of thinking that you have to go torepparttar 137061 gym if you want a personal trainer!


    One ofrepparttar 137062 biggest issues for trainers and clients alike is scheduling. After all, you both have to be inrepparttar 137063 same place atrepparttar 137064 same time for a minimum of 30 minutes, and possibly as long as 90 minutes. A good trainer will try to find a way to fit you into their schedule. It won't always be possible, especially with a highly sought after trainer, but ifrepparttar 137065 trainer truly wants to help you, they will do their best to fit you in.


    Having a good rapport with your personal trainer is crucial! If you and your trainer don't get along, it's a waste of time for both of you. You will likely end up more frustrated than ever, thinking that even a professional couldn't help you!

    Working with a personal trainer that you like is necessary, and onrepparttar 137066 flip side,repparttar 137067 trainer should like you as well. You don't necessarily need to pick out curtains together, but you should at least be able to carry on a comfortable dialogue while you exercise. Most good trainers are good communicators as well, but ifrepparttar 137068 two of you aren't very comfortable with each other, then it will cause tension and increaserepparttar 137069 risk of your program meeting with failure.

    A good personal trainer will agree to meet with you face to face before you actually sign up for a training program. Some trainers offer a free or low-cost initial consultation, and that isrepparttar 137070 perfect time to size up your trainer to make sure they fit your needs!

    You should take homerepparttar 137071 fact thatrepparttar 137072 definition of a good personal trainer is someone who is not only a professional, but is also appropriate for your specific personality, needs, goals, and desires. You may be working with this person for awhile, so choose wisely!

    Aaron Potts' experience as a Fitness Professional has included management positions with local and nationally known fitness facilities, as well as in-home and outdoor training with clients from all walks of life. Find out more about Aaron's programs at his personal training site at

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