Bodies With Lots to Say

Written by John Sheridan

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Everybody at some time or other has heard comments about body language such as when someone is talking to you and they fold their arms they are subconsciously putting up a barrier. Salespeople inrepparttar belief that it will give them an edge in business and negotiations sometimes take uprepparttar 149965 study of body language or ‘kinesics’ as it is often referred to. For instance, by being able to readrepparttar 149966 body language of their prospective client, they feel they are equipped to pre-empt any negative responses that may be forthcoming.

It is a matter of personal opinion as to whether you think that would work or not. One final thought to leave you with though - when someone is talking to you and they fold their arms; remember - sometimes they might just feel more comfortable that way.

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Communicating the World in Three Inches: The Rosetta Project Works to Build Archive of 1,000 Languages

Written by Jeannette Balleza

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''We hoperepparttar process of creating a new global Rosetta will help draw attention torepparttar 149865 tragedy of language extinction as well as speed uprepparttar 149866 work to preserve what we have left of this critical manifestation ofrepparttar 149867 human intellect,'' declaredrepparttar 149868 leadersrepparttar 149869 effort.

Currently,repparttar 149870 archive contains 760 total languages, 938 unique texts, 5,371 individual text pages and 58 volunteer contributors. If you are a language specialist, The Rosetta Project needs your contribution! The completed Rosetta archive will be available torepparttar 149871 public via an intricately-designed nickel disk, a gargantuan reference book andrepparttar 149872 online archive at

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