Boating Safety

Written by Jordan Walt

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·Be prepared forrepparttar weather: Checkrepparttar 144236 weather forecast before going onrepparttar 144237 water and be equipped for changes. ·Know where you are: The Coast Guard recommends having charts, a GPS (Global Positioning System) and a reliable means of communication on board. ·Know how to contactrepparttar 144238 Coast Guard: Marine radio isrepparttar 144239 preferred method to communicate onrepparttar 144240 water because it broadcasts to other boaters inrepparttar 144241 vicinity. If using a cell phone onrepparttar 144242 water, test it for a maritime emergency by dialing *CG (*24). There is no charge or penalty for calling to testrepparttar 144243 signal. ·Do not drink and drive: According torepparttar 144244 Coast Guard, a boat operator with a blood alcohol level of .10 percent is 10 times more likely to be killed in a boating accident than a boat operator with a blood alcohol level of zero. Operating a boat while drinking is illegal in several states. Remember thatrepparttar 144245 effects of alcohol are exacerbated when combined with sun exposure and being onrepparttar 144246 water. Established in 1995, AIC Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency offering a full range of insurance products including auto, home, life, and commercial. For information and quotes on insurance coverage, please visit AIC Insurance Agency at 14000 SE Johnson Rd. Ste. 210 Milwaukie, OR 97267 or call (503) 653-8287. Travelers,repparttar 144247 second largest writer of auto and homeowners insurance through independent agents, is a member of St. Paul Travelers, a leading provider of property casualty insurance. Travelers carries a variety of comprehensive, competitive boat and yacht products offered by a staff of specialists for vessels with values up to $5 million. For more information, visit

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Andy Griffith Show Family Lessons

Written by T Frady

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Today we have more than made sure our kids have material things. They have video games, televisions in their room, so many toys there is not enough time to play with them, but we shirk our responsibility onrepparttar biggest, most important part of raising a kid,repparttar 144192 part where you actually raise them up to be adults. Fun and toys are great. Every child ought to have fun, but they should be slowly growing up too. So my humble suggestion is like Andy Taylor said make sure your boy or girl can stand on their own two feet. No opportunity is too small to begin instilling these important lessons. It's just likerepparttar 144193 Bible says "Train up a child inrepparttar 144194 way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. "

Taking your kid fishing like Andy did Opie is not that bad either. If that isn't your cup of tea then surely you can enjoy going torepparttar 144195 park with your kid or playing something outside. Most kids never seem to want to venture outside anymore. They're missing an important part of development and growing more and more obese every year. Health is another important aspect of life that kids need to take responsibility for. Even children are developing diabetes, which they wouldn't have normally, due to diet and lack of physical activity. The fact ofrepparttar 144196 matter is, inrepparttar 144197 long run protecting our kids from facingrepparttar 144198 consequences of their actions today will mean greater consequences later downrepparttar 144199 line. So be like Andy and openrepparttar 144200 window and let your kid hearrepparttar 144201 birds, and don't be afraid to let him or her pay for a broken window occasionally.

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