Blueprint for Leadership - How to Be a Better Leader

Written by Steve Kaye

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2) Notice whatrepparttar list excludes. Absent from this list (and all lists from other programs) are characteristics such as stern, mean, serious, short tempered, vindictive, tough, angry, harsh, punitive, controlling, violent, or ruthless. And that's interesting because many popular representations of leadership emphasize at least one of these "hard" characteristics. In fact, these characteristics arerepparttar 137590 refuge of those who lackrepparttar 137591 strength (orrepparttar 137592 skills) to applyrepparttar 137593 human side of leadership.

3) How about you? How would you rate yourself as a leader compared torepparttar 137594 list of positive characteristics? If you were to surveyrepparttar 137595 people who report to you, how would they describe your leadership? Would they list characteristics fromrepparttar 137596 "soft" list or fromrepparttar 137597 "hard" list? Could you become more effective by improving upon any ofrepparttar 137598 "soft" characteristics? And how aboutrepparttar 137599 other leaders in your organization? Do they truly maximize human potential?

People want leaders who treat them with genuine compassion, courtesy, and respect. They want leaders who help them become more successful. They want leaders who inspire them with a vision for a better world and show them how to go there.

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Why it is important to provide after sale service?

Written by Cecilia Chang

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Onrepparttar delivery day, they sentrepparttar 137474 first item to our place, we paidrepparttar 137475 balance amount as we are satisfy with it. Later that day, they sentrepparttar 137476 second item, but we found faults on it and want to change.

We calledrepparttar 137477 company next day and they agreed to change another one for us by that week. But after a week has passed, still no news fromrepparttar 137478 company. No choice, we gone down torepparttar 137479 shop again to inform them ofrepparttar 137480 faults, they agreed to send someone down to see.

A couple of days later, no one came. We called again and finally someone is here to check. That guy said thatrepparttar 137481 piece we received is a display set and it'srepparttar 137482 last one inrepparttar 137483 factory so he agreed to change for us. But we've totally change our view on this shop's service.

Fromrepparttar 137484 above case study, we can seerepparttar 137485 big difference between before and after sales service. When a customer steps into your shop, you need to provide both before and after sale service to assure your customers will come back again. Do you just want to keep a customer just once or forever?

Do you know that a customer can become ten, hundred or even more customers in future through word of mouth?

In order for growth in your business, grab hold of every opportunity when a customer steps into your shop now. Remember to provide them after sale service too.

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