Bloody People - A Right Royal Fiasco

Written by Birmingham UK Com

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Looking at this in an entirely different light let us considerrepparttar following points. First and foremost, Prince Charles has had a tough time of it inrepparttar 105752 press. He struggles to keeprepparttar 105753 marriage low key amidst claims thatrepparttar 105754 Queen and other members ofrepparttar 105755 Royal Family are not happy aboutrepparttar 105756 marriage. How might you feel? Finally, Prince Charles gets away from it all to spend some time with his sons on a skiing holiday. Even on holiday he and his family are not left alone. Whilst being an organised photocall, is it really any wonder that Prince Charles saidrepparttar 105757 things he did?

These outspoken comments byrepparttar 105758 Prince might have actually done him no harm at all. Many people have been highly amused byrepparttar 105759 comments andrepparttar 105760 banter betweenrepparttar 105761 Prince and his sons. Finally, here it is,repparttar 105762 human side of Prince Charles. Inrepparttar 105763 face of mindless paparazzi and media gannets a pissed off Prince finally gets to speak his mind. Bravo Sir. Whatever anyone thinks ofrepparttar 105764 Royal Family or their general views onrepparttar 105765 Monarchy there will be many people who will remember this event fondly. The press deserve all they get. Do I have any sympathy for reporters onrepparttar 105766 receiving end of this Royal outburst? Not at all.

Put yourself in Prince Charles position for just a moment. You are wealthy with two wonderful sons. For years you have put up with your private life being invaded and you have bravedrepparttar 105767 torrents of abuse andrepparttar 105768 whims ofrepparttar 105769 press overrepparttar 105770 years. A big event in your life is literally days away when you will marryrepparttar 105771 women you love and some dickhead asks you how you are feeling atrepparttar 105772 prospect of marriage? What possible answer is there other than that you are feeling very happy about that prospect? What a stupid question. What other inane questions wouldrepparttar 105773 Prince have to answer?

No, I think that had I been blessed withrepparttar 105774 trappings of Royalty I would not hanker afterrepparttar 105775 day I might become king. My sense of duty torepparttar 105776 nation would have waned with each tirade of criticism overrepparttar 105777 years. I think I might sit back, count my lucky stars and quite blatantly tell them all to f**k off and go home. Thats what I would do.

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The True Power of Terrorism

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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It has been imperiled before: inrepparttar sacking of Washington,repparttar 105751 internal convulsions ofrepparttar 105752 Civil War,repparttar 105753 formalized institution of slavery,repparttar 105754 destruction of Native American cultures,repparttar 105755 seizure of Panama,repparttar 105756 machinations of McCarthyism,repparttar 105757 dropping ofrepparttar 105758 atomic bomb. Somehow, lady liberty was able to dust herself off and recapturerepparttar 105759 inspiration and vision she represents torepparttar 105760 world.

Now she faces her biggest challenge yet: surviving intact in a prevailing climate of fear. There have been wars before where too many young men died before their time. This time,repparttar 105761 disturbed sleep ofrepparttar 105762 watchful, wary soldier in his bivouac has moved intorepparttar 105763 bedroom of suburbia. We no longer feel safe, agonizing overrepparttar 105764 vulnerability of our children and loved ones. We watchrepparttar 105765 danger alerts turn different colors and know that sometime, somewhere, another strike will come.

The long heritage of openness, personal liberties, restraint, innocence until guilt is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, andrepparttar 105766 willingness to defend those rights torepparttar 105767 death, has dissolved intorepparttar 105768 murk of security above freedom, life above ideals, and apathy above involvement. We invade each other's privacy as a mechanism of defense. We abuse and humiliate our prisoners inrepparttar 105769 name of preventing their future abuse and humiliation of us. We expand our "no fly" lists to close that traditionally-open golden door. We shut down our borders lest a terrorist lurks amongrepparttar 105770 tired, poor masses.

A post-911-world will never be as innocent as before, no more thanrepparttar 105771 permanent changes wrought byrepparttar 105772 assassination of President Kennedy orrepparttar 105773 bombing of Pearl Harbor could be avoided. Reaction to tragic, horrifying events is inevitable, both personally and politically. It is when that reaction becomesrepparttar 105774 basis for major decisions and colors how laws are interpreted, ethics are enforced, and relationships are developed that we must step back and look at our deep-rooted principles and identify where they have become warped and withered.

It is when we look atrepparttar 105775 world throughrepparttar 105776 eyes of those who hate and threaten us that we seerepparttar 105777 true power of terrorism: not to destroy us but to assimilate us. That is whenrepparttar 105778 terrorists will know that they have truly won.

Virginia Bola is a licensed clinical psychologist with deep interests in Social Psychology and politics. She has performed therapeutic services for more than 20 years and has studied the effects of cultural forces and employment on the individual. The author of an interactive workbook, The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, and a monthly ezine, The Worker's Edge, she can be reached at

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