Blood Test for Your Blog?

Written by Nick Smith

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is to encourage visitors to purchase a product, service, or information thatrepparttar company is offering.

Blog Blood Type 3: Personal Web Journals - These blogs make uprepparttar 147318 bulk ofrepparttar 147319 36.1 million web logs online. The majority are personal accounts written without regard to size of readership or monetary value. Many have heralded free blogs asrepparttar 147320 Internet's greatest achievement, allowing virtually anyone with an internet connection to publish literally whatever they want, and all in a matter of a few minutes. There are as many purposes for personal blogs as there are bloggers. Perhapsrepparttar 147321 most common theme isrepparttar 147322 chance to be heard.

I've Takenrepparttar 147323 Blog Blood Test…Now What?

Which category did your blog best fit in? Did you find that you're writing one type of blog but desiringrepparttar 147324 benefits of another? If you haven't already started your blog, which type do you believe would best match your writing abilities and desired outcome? Simply put, if you're not writingrepparttar 147325 best type of blog forrepparttar 147326 benefits you want, you'll never get them - and you'll waste a lot of time inrepparttar 147327 process.

If your current blog is doing exactly what you want it to, leave it alone. If you find that some changes are necessary, considerrepparttar 147328 following questions:

  • Do I think I can drive actual sales fromrepparttar 147329 blog?
  • Would I rather spend my writing time interacting with customers (both positive and negative) or writing about my product? (Rememberrepparttar 147330 blood test)
  • Am Irepparttar 147331 best person to author my blog, or is there someone else who could do a better job?
  • Do I want to stagerepparttar 147332 blog as a company-sponsored communication tool or would I rather it appear as a kind of third-party, objective review?
  • How much time am I willing to spend writing?
  • How free do I want to be with regards to frequency of posting and responding to customer comments?

Millions of others are already blogging, but don't let that stop you from starting. Give your businessrepparttar 147333 blog blood test and see which type works best for you.

Nick Smith is an internet marketer with an internet positioning strategy. For information about a DNA blood test and other DNA products, visit


Written by Lucky Balaraman

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When atrepparttar vendor's place, look for:

* Capacity: (workstations and people); * Supervisory arrangements: (floor managers, project leaders, group heads); * Security: (controlled physical access and password-protected network resources).

Most importantly, meetrepparttar 147269 person who will be in charge ofrepparttar 147270 project you are thinking of givingrepparttar 147271 vendor. Is s/he articulate? Tech-savvy? Quality conscious? Deadline oriented? Easy to get along with? Is there a second line to take over if s/he is away?

You must of course also hand over a copy of your RFP and discuss each point in fine detail.

Bear in mind that most often, Indians are formal to begin with. If you inviterepparttar 147272 key people to a meal, they will be very happy to relate to you on a personal level... this is better for all parties concerned.

Conclude each visit by asking for your quotation within a specified timeframe; encouragerepparttar 147273 vendor to email you freely regarding any questions s/he may have.

Atrepparttar 147274 end of a visit, ask yourself if you have a good feeling aboutrepparttar 147275 interaction. Ifrepparttar 147276 answer is an overwhelming “NO!”, you had better strikerepparttar 147277 vendor offrepparttar 147278 hopefuls list. For any other answer, keep them inrepparttar 147279 running.

Follow these steps for allrepparttar 147280 hopefuls, and do extensive Internet research onrepparttar 147281 final candidates fromrepparttar 147282 broadband connection in your hotel room.

Great,repparttar 147283 business part of your trip is over, it’s time for recreation!

There are many unusual things to see in any Indian city, and you’d best ask your mentor what these are. There’s no point seeing typical big-city sights… look forrepparttar 147284 ancient orrepparttar 147285 ethnic (Akbar’s tomb, Kerala waterways orrepparttar 147286 Hindu temple at Madurai, for instance).

Be careful when deciding what to eat or drink. Only eat in restaurants that are clean by your country's standards; stick to bottled water from reputed companies like Kinley or Aqua Fina. And no matter how badly you may be tempted, do not eat from those small roadside carts and kiosks!

If you want to buy souvenirs to take home, ask your mentor where to shop, else you may very well end up paying twice what you should. Buy things that are not easy to come by in your home country: fine silks, carpets, and most importantly, Indian jewelry, of which only meagre selections are available outsiderepparttar 147287 subcontinent.

So now, replete with silk, gold and an outsourcing vendor shortlist, you're atrepparttar 147288 end of a memorable journey. Get on a plane, pushrepparttar 147289 seat back and wonder how it all went by so fast.

Dream about how much you’re going to save in costs,repparttar 147290 quality improvements you will see, what a good thing you’ve done for your company, and how glad you were that you planned your trip carefully.

You now have valuable knowledge and experience about travelling to India, and might very well soon be recognized as an expert inrepparttar 147291 subject. Fare thee well, bold traveller, and fearlessly guide all those who may follow in your footsteps…

Lucky Balaraman runs The Magnum Group, which provides architectural and engineering drafting services to the global marketplace. Learn more about The Magnum Group at:

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