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Written by Dina Giolitto,

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If you ask people what they think, they'll feel encouraged to jump intorepparttar discussion... and that's what you want, isn't it? Ask questions, and let folks know you're open to new points of view. When you word your ideas inrepparttar 142211 from of questions, you're basically saying "Hey, I know I don't have allrepparttar 142212 answers. But I'm thinking, and I'd love for you to add your insights." Then, by phrasing your questions in a specific way, you can gently 'lead'repparttar 142213 conversation. Next time you have a strong opinion to state, practice rephrasing it into a question. "What ways might we practice common courtesy in an effort to improve internet communication?" There, see how easy that was?

4. Rememberrepparttar 142214 real-time issue.

If you haven't noticed, real-time has some wacky effects on internet communication. Sometimes, messages look like they're written in response to something someone else said... when really, they just landed there by sheer coincidence!

Suppose someone posts a remark at 9:05 a.m. Pacific Time, as you just happen to be postingrepparttar 142215 exact opposite viewpoint at 12:05 p.m. Eastern Time. Whenrepparttar 142216 messages "land" one afterrepparttar 142217 other, it createsrepparttar 142218 illusion thatrepparttar 142219 second person was arguing withrepparttar 142220 first person, when actually they were not and had no knowledge ofrepparttar 142221 other person's post! Whoa. That's real-time at work, and it's some crazy stuff. The lesson to be learned: don't assume anything, especially onrepparttar 142222 internet.

The other way that real-time can botch uprepparttar 142223 works is if you're seeking advice or technical support. You post a question, some time elapses, andrepparttar 142224 moderator replies. But by now, you've figured outrepparttar 142225 answer and it's led you to a third complication. Now, you can either try and over-explainrepparttar 142226 confusion in an effort to be polite, or say to yourself, "the heck with this" and leaverepparttar 142227 discussion, which could be perceived as rude. It's quite a fretful situation. Keeping this in mind...

5. Think before you speak.

Usingrepparttar 142228 example from Point 4: thinking before you ask technical questions can save everybodyrepparttar 142229 exhaustion of over-communication. Rather than blurt out your confusion, have a look around, see what's going down. Is there an FAQ section you can refer to?

I have been known to dive right in torepparttar 142230 chat without knowing whatrepparttar 142231 heck is happening. As a result, I am familiar withrepparttar 142232 taste of shoe leather. If you're puzzled about what's going on in a public forum discussion... can you go back and read a few old posts to get caught up? You'll save everyone a lot of wasted words if you just get withrepparttar 142233 program. I learnedrepparttar 142234 hard way, but you don't have to.

"Think before you speak" also means proofread. Be onrepparttar 142235 lookout for ambiguous content. If you're tired, stressed or feeling underrepparttar 142236 weather, you may have some trouble getting your point across. Maybe it's notrepparttar 142237 best time to communicate.

As a writer, I'm acutely aware of word choice. Userepparttar 142238 wrong word, and WOOOPS- somebody is gettingrepparttar 142239 total wrong idea. Copywriters have a chance to write multiple drafts and in that way, get multiple chances to refine what they say in their writing. Internet posters don't have this option. Once you hit POST, you can't take back what you've written. All you can do is send MORE posts, and give folksrepparttar 142240 impression that you are a babbling fool! So, for your own sake, heed my words, take your time, think about what you want to say, and PROOFREAD!

Above all, keep a positive attitude and an open mind. Welcome others' opinions while gently expressing your own. Be forgiving and patient with people and their bumbling ways. Be a good internet communicator.

Copyright 2005 Dina Giolitto. All rights reserved.

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DirectTV vs Dish Network: Which is Better?

Written by Al Falaq Arsendatama

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Immigrant workers inrepparttar USA

  • Requirements: language content fromrepparttar 142155 relevant region, good news coverage.
  • Recommendation: DirecTV

Young working families

  • Requirements: strong sports content, easy shift of residence, good HDTV, and easy shift of residence.
  • Recommendation: DirecTV for strong sport and Dish Network for easy mobility

While bothrepparttar 142156 networks offer you a number of accessories,repparttar 142157 variety available with Dish Network is larger. The key accessories are:

  • IR to UHF converter forrepparttar 142158 remote - That means that even if you have hooked up four TVs as bothrepparttar 142159 networks do free, you could only operaterepparttar 142160 receiver withrepparttar 142161 remote if you were inrepparttar 142162 same room asrepparttar 142163 receiver. The IR to UHF converter makes your remote radio controlled. This means that you can now operate it from any room inrepparttar 142164 house. Installation is simple; just plug it intorepparttar 142165 mains!
  • Wireless Phone Jack - Sometimes, you may not have a phone jack nearrepparttar 142166 receiver. However, your receiver needs to communicate withrepparttar 142167 network for a pay per view TV experience. Just plugrepparttar 142168 wireless phone jack to a phone jack and an electrical outlet. The phone signals now travel onrepparttar 142169 electrical line torepparttar 142170 receiver.

Purchase of Equipment

Dish Network insists that you use equipment supplied by them. Sounds autocratic but is OK by me since what you get is perfectly tuned equipment that works well together. DirecTV allows you to mix and match equipment of your choice. The key issue here is that you are responsible for compatibility issues.

Final Recommendation

As I readrepparttar 142171 paragraphs above, my choices become clear. For most general classes of viewers, Dish Network is a better choice - marginally in terms of cost, it also offers better HD TV choices and more accessories. If your main interests lie in sports or you are interested in foreign language programming - look at DirecTV. It offers more choices in these categories. You must be a more educated viewer by now andrepparttar 142172 decision you have to take must be clearer. Here is wishing you hours of satisfying viewing.

Al Falaq Arsendatama - (c) 2005

Visit our website: Satellite TV Choice - DirecTV vs Dish Network for more reviews on the two leading satellite TV networks.

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