Blogging for Profit

Written by Bibi Liew

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Increase Search Engine Ranking - Search engines love blogs because they are frequently updated with fresh new content. Compared to new sites, active blogs are indexed quicker by many search engines. Afterrepparttar blog is indexed,repparttar 151202 pages you have linked torepparttar 151203 blog will also get indexed. The more frequently you update your site,repparttar 151204 more frequently your blog will get indexed, and this helps to boost your search engine rankings. If you make regular postings to your blog, you can be surerepparttar 151205 search engine will visit your blog again and again.

RSS Feed - Most blogging service providers have RSS (Real Simple Syndication) built-in. Readers can even subscribe to RSS which notifies them your new posting in your blog. This allow others to publish your feed on their sites and gain more free exposure and traffic to your site.

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Niche Marketing : Finding JV Partners

Written by André Anthony

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At this point back off and letrepparttar other party speak.

If they aren't interested, thank them for their time and move on.

If they bite, then you can continue your pitch and provide a run down on what you'd like to offer them and what you're requesting in return:

"I'm ready to offer you 60% commission on all sales in exchange for endorsing my product to your list."

"I'm ready to offer you full access to my existing customer list in exchange for an up sell placement of my product on your order page"


You should use this format in your e-mail introductions as well. However, you'll need to provide some very compelling reasons in your first contact message in order to generate a response. Remember, e-mail is less personal than a phone call and this will impact your prospect's psychological response to your offer.

The best way to grab their attention when you contact potetial Joint Venture partners via e-mail is to make it clear fromrepparttar 151169 outset that you want to create a "win-win" situation – in fact, create a "win-win" situation "slanted in their favor". Offer to provide them with a free copy of your product for evaluation. Let them know exactly when, where and how to contact you and suggest a follow up phone call.

>> Persistence Will Win The Day <<

Like every other sales situation (Yes it "is" a sales situation - you're trying to sell an idea, right?) it's unlikely that you will strike lucky straight away, rejections are inevitable, but keep plugging away at your list. Be Persistent.

It may take a while before you hit onrepparttar 151170 right JV partner and getrepparttar 151171 deal you're looking for - don't let yourself get discouraged - keep yourself motivated - keep organised -prioritize your search and make at least two phone calls and send out two or three e-mails every day until you're successfull.

>> And Don't Stop There! <<

Once you've found a JV partner don't stop there. There's no reason why you shouldn't continue making those phone calls and sending out those e-mail offers.


Because then you can create multiple JV's for your Niche product(s) with dozens of other businesses, leveraging dozens of customer lists.

In fact, if you're feeling really motivated, you can take this process a step further and create "multi-party" joint ventures - bringing several businesses together to work towards one campaign - remember John Reese and his mill.ion dol.lar sales day not so long ago? - That's power of JVs.

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