Blogging Explained in Simple Terms

Written by Elizabeth Kirwin

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Public Relations and Marketing Blogging

Ifrepparttar Public Relations and Marketing firms gain a stronghold on blogging activities, perhapsrepparttar 140579 ‘authentic’ individual voice that beganrepparttar 140580 blogging craze will be lost inrepparttar 140581 rubble. This isrepparttar 140582 worry of many devoted bloggers. Or, maybe this trend could strengthenrepparttar 140583 position of political or gossip oriented bloggers. Perhapsrepparttar 140584 ‘devoted bloggers’ who were working inrepparttar 140585 restaurant and retail industry, will now find they’re being offeredrepparttar 140586 opportunity to blog for money instead of slave away over a hot grill, or at a cash register.

This is whererepparttar 140587 whole blogging debate takes over.

Ethical versus Unethical Blogging

Who actually hasrepparttar 140588 ‘right’ to blog? What does an authentic blogger look and feel and sound like? How do you identify a slick, Public Relations blogger? Should blogging remain inrepparttar 140589 realm ofrepparttar 140590 individual voice? Or will it be usurped by multinational corporations and governments for their own devious purposes? These are all valid questions, and I’m afraid I do not possess an answer to any of these ethical questions about blogging. I feel thatrepparttar 140591 individual person, company, or entity must answer these questions on their own. But there is one thing I am absolutely certain about. Everyone has a right to blog, just as every one has a right to write and publish their work inrepparttar 140592 public sphere, which includesrepparttar 140593 internet.

For some ideas on how to increase web site traffic by blogging, visit and readrepparttar 140594 companion piece to this article: Start Blogging to Increase Internet Traffic: We Blog.

Elizabeth Kirwin has published work in national magazines and newspapers. She is co-owner of Sidhe Communications in Asheville NC. She develops web sites, newsletters, brochures, and internet marketing plans for businesses, non-profits, and health care ogranizations nationally. For more information, e-mail

Google Seo - What To And What Not To Do

Written by Abe Smith

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You may have noticed, I never mentioned when to submit your site to Google, that'srepparttar thing, don't. If google picks up your site before you submit it, you get a way better rank.

Now you have come up with a very good SEO website. Now you need to make sure not to blow it. Whatever you do, DON'T:

1: Have link exchanges with non-relevant sites, this will hurt you.

2: Do not cheat. Cheating is placing "invisible" keywords on your site. (white text on white background) Googlebot picks it up, and boom, no more rank on Google.

3: If you findrepparttar 140523 need to submit your site, do it, ONCE. If you submit twice then, say goodbye to your rank.

That's all and good luck withrepparttar 140524 SEO. With this, good keywords, and minimal compition, you will get withinrepparttar 140525 top 20 of Google.

Abe Smith owner of the Webmaster Forum ( enjoys writing articles and tutorials about web programming, SEO, and computer security. I can be contacted at Please contact me if you would like to use this article on your website (for free).

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