Blog and Ping….The Basics!

Written by Terry Till

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Pinging, is in effect a method of informingrepparttar Blog community at large that your Blog site is in existence and with most Blog software a device that alerts this Blog community when a new post or comment has been made.

If you are interested in starting a Blog there are many companies that will provide you with a fairly easy solution to get started and one ofrepparttar 138944 major players is, also if you are interested in puttingrepparttar 138945 Blog software on your own server and running it independently I have found Wordpress to be excellent software and this can be downloaded at

So happy Blogging and Pinging to you all.

Terry Till

Marketing With Blogs - Part 4

Written by Priya Shah

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I don’t believe that’srepparttar way to treat someone who takerepparttar 138867 trouble to sign-in and post a comment on your blog. For all you know they may have a genuine problem and could be speaking for others who have experiencedrepparttar 138868 same.

Being rude will not only lose you a customer, it will also expose you as someone who is too immature to handle customer complaints.

Granted, some customers can be a pain inrepparttar 138869 butt, but everyone deserves to be heard. And handling nasty or rude comments with restraint will not only demonstrate your maturity, but build your customers respect for you.

People prefer doing business with someone they like and trust. So if you want your blog to be a place where your potential customers can interact freely and openly, I suggest you learn how to handle brickbats as well as bouquets with grace and maturity.

It used to be said thatrepparttar 138870 internet wasrepparttar 138871 great leveller because it empowers small businesses to compete with big businesses. But blogs have completely levelledrepparttar 138872 playing field for marketers.

Anyone with an internet connection can now sell their products and services solely onrepparttar 138873 basis ofrepparttar 138874 quality of information they provide.

And that'srepparttar 138875 reason blogs are creating a revolution in marketing online.

Priya Shah is the CEO of eBrand360 She writes the Marketing Slave blog and publishes an internet marketing newsletter Subscribe to her free Business Blogging eCourse.

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