Blog Search Engine Increases Searches By 10% - Here's How!

Written by Loren Baker

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Besides branding their search engine on user's desktops and increasing new searches, marketing and promotion ofrepparttar toolbar also led torepparttar 128079 sharp increase. Blog Search Engine attributes their large number of toolbar downloads to its marketing efforts on their onsite promotional channels. “We’ve strategically placed links to our Blog Search Toolbar on our homepage, on search results pages and in outgoing emails to bloggers who submit their blogs torepparttar 128080 Blog Search Engine.” Baker added, “We are also looking into other marketing channels to distribute our toolbar after measuring its effectiveness in generating more searches.”

In addition to generating more searches, EffectiveBrand also adds more torepparttar 128081 web searching experience. "The incorporation of Effective Results inrepparttar 128082 Blog Search Toolbar has increased user's satisfaction as it complementsrepparttar 128083 Blog Search Engine by suggesting related links and resources," said Effective Brand's CEO, Ronen Shilo.

To create a customized search toolbar for their sites, publishers can go to EffectiveBrand and follow a simple, 4-step procedure in order to create and/or upload a logo, search string, custom buttons and an optional RSS feed aggregator. The final product—a cutting-edge, site branded custom toolbar—is then completed and ready for immediate distribution. An "effective" solution for publishers,repparttar 128084 EffectiveBrand interface also permits sites to see how many users have downloaded their toolbar, filter out competitors, and even set up for your own site's search results. More importantly, it builds repeat web traffic.

Loren Baker is the Editor of the Search Engine Journal, a search engine news blog reporting on search oriented news daily.

Generating a positive ROI from PPC

Written by Karl Norris

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Get listings withrepparttar major pay per click providers Userepparttar 128078 pay per click providers mentioned above, as they will ensurerepparttar 128079 greatest coverage onrepparttar 128080 larger search engines. Inrepparttar 128081 UK there is also Mirago and Webfinder that generate lower levels of traffic but a higher conversion rate.

List on industry specific providers You are also likely to find sites that are relevant to your sector that now offer pay per click rather than a paid listing advertisement. For my keyword ‘travel insurance’ and have insurance specific sections where you can receive targeted visitors.

Deep Linking Make surerepparttar 128082 link goes torepparttar 128083 most relevant page on your site rather than justrepparttar 128084 homepage. Conversion is likely to increase as a result.

Effective Titles and Descriptions Write titles and descriptions specific torepparttar 128085 product you are selling rather than just general, high-level terms. Also include a reason to buy e.g. any discount that you offer. Many ofrepparttar 128086 ppc sites offer suggestions on how to do this so read these before submitting your adverts.

Update your account There will always be new search terms appearing relevant to your keywords. Review and update your account at least on a monthly basis to ensure your adverts appear for all keywords.

Karl Norris is the E-Commerce Manager for Primary Insurance, As a finance professional he focuses on generating and increasing profitability from online business activities.

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