Blog Marketing: Guerrillas stalk the Internet

Written by Gunnar Berglund

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well - everyone from Joe Schmoe onrepparttar street to top politicians and corporate executives can use this method to promote a personal agenda or to sell something inrepparttar 137790 guise of authoritative and disinterested position. Caveat emptor isrepparttar 137791 watch phrase still as it will always be. Still, Blog Marketing offers many positive contributions as well. The future customer is able to obtain more information about positions, products, or services than inrepparttar 137792 traditional marketing format of advertisements.

Opinion is what it is and everyone knowsrepparttar 137793 old saying about opinions - it would behoverepparttar 137794 person being blogged to consider andrepparttar 137795 potential agendas ofrepparttar 137796 Blogger. The promise of blogging is that more information aboutrepparttar 137797 subject may be obtained or that truly outside ofrepparttar 137798 box thinking might emerge into public view.

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How to increase Adsense income

Written by Joan Masterson

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3. Change your link colour to blue. While I cannot disclose my CTR I can tell you that this one little change more than doubled my CTR. I know that there are others out there who advocate that your link colour should berepparttar same asrepparttar 137774 other links on your site, but try it out for yourself for a day or two. I think you will be highly surprised!

3. Setrepparttar 137775 URL colour torepparttar 137776 same colour asrepparttar 137777 ad's text. This makesrepparttar 137778 URL ''melt" in and makesrepparttar 137779 link colour stand out more, definitely making it more "clickable".

The above three changes definitely resulted in doubling my own Adsense income. Experiment with it and see how it works for you.

Joan Masterson is the owner of and - sites that offers free work at home resources and information

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