Blame It All On Rush Limbaugh.

Written by Larsen Rogers

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Besides one being a Theist and one being an Atheist; there is not a difference.

Liberals Believe inrepparttar Law and Justice.

Conservatives believe in shooting any damn thing that moves.

Liberals will screwrepparttar 125903 intern. Conservatives will screw everyone.

Liberal Constitution: “Werepparttar 125904 People…”

Conservative Constitution: “To hell withrepparttar 125905 People…”

Bleeding Heart Liberals.

Bloody Handed Conservatives.

Why do Conservatives despise Communists?

Because Conservatives want to dominaterepparttar 125906 world by themselves.

Larsen Rogers is a social activists and a supporting member of American Free Thinkers Association in New York City, New York.

Polarize This!

Written by Ed Howes

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When you come right down to it,repparttar only thing we are polarized about isrepparttar 125902 lesser evil. We accept evil as a given, then argue, debate and vote about degree. Do you know why? It is because smarter people than we want it that way. They write our laws, control our leaders, our finances, our educations and our tastes. They choose political candidates and finance their campaigns. There is no aspect of American life they do not influence or control to some degree. They arerepparttar 125903 reason America is completely worthy ofrepparttar 125904 world’s contempt. It is not necessary we know their names or where they live. We can call them democracy and make everything OK.

Abe Lincoln was probably notrepparttar 125905 first to say a house divided cannot stand butrepparttar 125906 saying is true enough. America was divided in its revolutionary beginning and has been all along. The most unification it has ever known has been to win and wage war. Now that we are war weary, or soon will be, we will fall intorepparttar 125907 abyss we have been teetering on more than two hundred years. It won’t be pretty and neither will it be prevented by some charismatic uniter.

Polarity is good, though my bi -polar friends and those close to them might arguerepparttar 125908 point. It’s as natural as night and day. Bewarerepparttar 125909 great uniters who, like Stalin and Hitler would merge day and night into endless skies of gray. Bewarerepparttar 125910 war mongers who receive their orders from powers unelected. Bewarerepparttar 125911 holy men deceiving inrepparttar 125912 name of God. Bewarerepparttar 125913 ignorance that leads to destruction. Seekrepparttar 125914 saving light so skillfully concealed.

Freelance writer published on many websites and newspapers.

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