Blacks need to come out the closet to support BET News and Black media in general

Written by Edrea Davis

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Here’s a clue. Katherine Stapp of Inter Press Service recently reported thatrepparttar first nationwide assessment of foreign-language and other ethnic media found that ethnic radio, television and newspapers inrepparttar 146171 United States now reach 64 million people. However,repparttar 146172 article adds, Sandy Close of New California Media says "only three to four percent ofrepparttar 146173 145 billion dollars spent on U.S. advertising goes to ethnic media." With these figures we can expect to see more profit-oriented mainstream publishers setting up shop to get a piece ofrepparttar 146174 lucrative “ethnic” market.

One might mentionrepparttar 146175 quality factor. It is true that budget limitations prevent Black media from providingrepparttar 146176 glitz and glamour comparable to that of mainstream press. Don’t criticize, take action.

Start by subscribing to a Black publication today. If your cable station does not offer TV One orrepparttar 146177 Black Family Channel, make a request to your cable provider. If they don’t respond, this is your opportunity to complain. For those of you with, or in charge of advertising budgets, make sure Black media is a major line item in your campaign. We need to be proactive, not reactive.

What if public relations professionals would not service Black media if a client only spent adverting dollars with mainstream? What if, instead of refusing interviews with Black press, publicists granted exclusives to Black media for A-list clients? Imaginerepparttar 146178 impact if Will & Jada, Denzel, Halle, Jamie, Usher, Nelson, and Rev. Al only spoke with Black Media. Blacks are a driving force internationally, leveraging our power for just one week would position Black media acrossrepparttar 146179 globe. It’s time for Black America to put up or shut up.

Asrepparttar 146180 end nears for BET Nightly News I urge you to stop complaining and take a minute to pleadrepparttar 146181 case forrepparttar 146182 newscast. If you would like to see BET continue to provide their excellent coverage of Black news and events send a note to BET explaining why it is important to keeprepparttar 146183 show onrepparttar 146184 air. Email, fax, or send your message in a bottle, but let them know that we do supportrepparttar 146185 work that BET is doing forrepparttar 146186 community. For those who don’t watchrepparttar 146187 newscast, stand up for those who do.

The “look what they did to us now” approach is ineffective inrepparttar 146188 new millennium. It’s time for Black folks to come outrepparttar 146189 closet and demonstrate a little “Black Pride.”

Edrea Davis is a media consultant and multimedia producer. Contact her at

Start Your Own Photography Business from Home

Written by Roy Barker

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If you envisage at any time you may need financial help, then you should include your personal business history.

You should also state a clear and concise marketing plan that should demonstrate how your business will differentiate fromrepparttar businesses of your competitors. You should be able to establish whom your customers will be, as well as where your market will be, as in wholesale or retail or a combination of both. You should also be able to determine how long this type of market will be available to yourself.

The next section should clearly define your opposition, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. This should includerepparttar 146103 ways you may be able to exploit any gaps inrepparttar 146104 market inrepparttar 146105 specific area where you live. A section should follow this on how you intend to market and promote your individual services.

A financial segment should be included as to how you intend to managerepparttar 146106 day-to-day bills ofrepparttar 146107 business. How you intend to price your services, and what factors influence this pricing structure, which includes a section on your competitor’s financial structures. This means a fair amount of detective work as well as homework. Get your friends to ask from quotes fromrepparttar 146108 local competition. Or try an even more direct approach, tell your competitor’s that you intend to start a new business, and that you do not want to undercut them, as this reducesrepparttar 146109 cake for everyone. They may well offer to help you construct a pricing structure that ensures everyone’s livelihood. It is in their interests to help. Not everyone will be cooperative, but it may mean you can get a truer picture ofrepparttar 146110 market factors that govern your area.

Make a list of allrepparttar 146111 equipment you will need in your first year, as well as how and where you intend to purchase. Note any difficulties that may arise in obtaining your supplies. Note whetherrepparttar 146112 prices of your supplies have a seasonal fluctuation, that may help you influence you when to buy. You should make a note of any local licenses that will be necessary, as well as any zoning restrictions, that may restrictrepparttar 146113 growth of your business. Your neighbours may not be thrilled at a procession of customer’s to your door, check whether they can restrict your services. Make a study of all your business insurance requirements.

The final segment should be devoted to how you intend to financerepparttar 146114 growth of your business, as well as isolating what your financial needs will be. This should include a projection on your future earnings, as well as an accurate assessment of your outgoings’. This should be assessed on a monthly basis forrepparttar 146115 first year, and on an annual basis forrepparttar 146116 following three years. An important aspect ofrepparttar 146117 financial statement is an assessment ofrepparttar 146118 break-even point of your business, in other wordsrepparttar 146119 minimum you will have to take to pay your expenses.

The purpose of this documentation is to allow you to enunciate whatrepparttar 146120 core elements of your business will be, in doing this it should help you to be able to quickly evaluaterepparttar 146121 success of your business objectives. If you are not clear on your objectives then you cannot possibly make a plan to bring aboutrepparttar 146122 success of those objectives.

Publisher & author: Roy Barker. Roy isrepparttar 146123 author ofrepparttar 146124 popular ebook, Income from Photography - a downloadable ebook which guidesrepparttar 146125 reader on how to start up and market a Profitable Photography business. It can be viewed at Other related and reviewed services & research sources can be found at The information on this and adjoining pages may be reprinted and used on other sites providing all information remains unchanged andrepparttar 146126 article and all pages remain as they are found here in its current font size & image with all links in tact.

Publisher & Author: Roy Barker. Roy is the author of the popular ebook, Income from Photography - a downloadable ebook which guides the reader on how to start up and market a Profitable Photography business. It can be viewed at Other related and reviewed services & research sources can be found at

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