Blackout Blinds

Written by Garry John

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Maybe your need isn’t for total light blockage. There are other options that are more suitable for dimmingrepparttar light in a room and helping to keep it cooler inrepparttar 143023 heat or retaining heat duringrepparttar 143024 winter. Often referred to as ‘dim out blinds’ they are usually made of similar fabric with some light blocking properties, but aren’t fitted into channels to block all light. They come inrepparttar 143025 same range of colors, patterns and styles designed to coordinate with any room décor, so shop around to find window treatments that fit your rooms perfectly.

Another recent entry intorepparttar 143026 blackout blinds market is cellular blackout blinds. Cellular blackout blinds are not available from every manufacturer, and are often a custom order from others. Like blackout roller blinds, they come in both room darkening and light filtering colors. They offer many options that standard blackout blinds don’t – top down or bottom up raising and lowering, for example. The colors available range from white to lavender to sea green to rose, and can block as much as 80% ofrepparttar 143027 light from entering your room.

If you’re buying blackout blinds from an online dealers be sure to visit their web site to get detailed measuring instructions. Since blackout blinds of any kind must be cut to measure, you’ll seldom get a refund if you make a mistake withrepparttar 143028 measurements or choose a color that doesn’t suit your rooms.

Garry John is a regular contributor to home improvement sites such as window blinds and hot tubs.

Don't Just Clean, Decorate

Written by Joey Lewitin

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The neat and tidy look of your possessions, lined up in their proper places, and displayed in tasteful receptacles, is a kind of decoration in and of itself. A setting in which everything is in its proper place will speak more torepparttar quality of your home than almost any piece of décor that you can buy. Evenrepparttar 143022 plainest white room will take on style when filled with shelves of decorative items, curio cabinets, and elegant furniture drawers.

If toy clutter from your children is a problem, get them involved. Place a brightly colored container in any room where toys messes occur, and explain torepparttar 143023 child that this is where any of their toys go. Get them to help you clean up a few times, and eventually they will start to understandrepparttar 143024 concept. You can even turn this into a game, timing how fast they can get all of their toys picked up and intorepparttar 143025 bucket.


Dirt is more difficult to organize around than clutter. The grime that builds up in your home will accumulate more based onrepparttar 143026 occupants ofrepparttar 143027 space and their actions, than on any design you implement. However, by planning your interior accordingly, you can create a setting that will expediterepparttar 143028 removal ofrepparttar 143029 dirt in your home, and make cleaning less of a chore.

The first step in this job isrepparttar 143030 removal of clutter described inrepparttar 143031 first half of this piece. Once you have removedrepparttar 143032 clutter from an area you will notice an almost imperceptible increase in “flow” inrepparttar 143033 room. Flow is simplyrepparttar 143034 ability for people and objects to move through a space. By increasingrepparttar 143035 flow in a room, you will make it easier to get to and remove dirt.

You should make sure that none of your furniture is blocking any other furniture fromrepparttar 143036 rest ofrepparttar 143037 room. Tables are oftenrepparttar 143038 problem here, being centerpieces in many areas, and may have to be repositioned in lieu of convenience. Windows too should be left with as little in front of them as possible; you don’t want to have to lean over a statue or plant every time you want to wipe one down. A possible exception is windows that are higher up, and may benefit from having a piece of furniture beneath them which you can climb on when cleaning. However, you should always use caution when climbing on any object that was not intended for this use.

Placing your furniture on rollers, or positioning them so they can easily be placed on furniture coasters, will make it less trouble to clean underneath. Do not store boxes beneath your furniture. This may berepparttar 143039 only way to eliminate clutter however it also becomes a difficult place to clean, as you will have to bend over, moverepparttar 143040 boxes, clean, and then replace them. Rarely seen closets are a much better place for box storage.

Interior design is not a static art; it is a form in motion. Your home should be constantly evolving towards a perfect version of itself. You should always be searching forrepparttar 143041 right balance between decoration and ease. If you considerrepparttar 143042 properties of dirt and clutter in a room, before repositioning objects and items within it, you will save yourself a lot of annoyance and effort inrepparttar 143043 future.

Joey Lewitin is an author, artist, and designer of home décor accessories made from imported stone. His line of Unique wall clocks in stone can be seen at

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Joey Lewitin is an author, artist, and designer of home décor accessories made from imported stone. His line of unique wall clocks in stone can be seen at

Joey Lewitin is an author, artist, and designer of home décor accessories made from imported stone. His line of Unique wall clocks in stone can be seen at

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