Blackjack - What Are the Odds?

Written by Tom McBroom

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* Dealer stands on all 17s * Double down on any first two cards * Double down after splitting pairs * Natural paysrepparttar proper 3 for 2 odds

Many games have subtle variations of these rules, some of which helprepparttar 136435 player and others which hurtrepparttar 136436 player. Takingrepparttar 136437 above rules asrepparttar 136438 baseline, here arerepparttar 136439 common variations you will find and how each one affectsrepparttar 136440 house edge. Positive values add torepparttar 136441 house edge and negative values decreaserepparttar 136442 house edge.

Eight decks: +.02% Natural pays 6 to 5: +1.45% Dealer hits soft 17: +.20% Double down on 9-11 only: +.09% Double down on 10 or 11 only: +.22% No double after splitting pairs: +.13% Double down on any number of cards: -.21% Resplitting of Aces: -.06%

Of course, your goal is to avoidrepparttar 136443 unfavorable variants (one which add torepparttar 136444 casino's edge), such as: Naturals pay 6 to 5, or Dealer hits soft 17. To calculaterepparttar 136445 edge against you in any blackjack game, simply takerepparttar 136446 baseline edge of .5% and add or subtractrepparttar 136447 values ofrepparttar 136448 variants.

For example, assume you find a 6 deck game in whichrepparttar 136449 Dealer hits a soft 17 and you can only double down on a two card count of 10 or 11. This game has a house edge of: .50% (baseline) plus .20% (for dealer hits soft 17) plus .22% (for double down on 10 or 11 only), for a total house edge agains you of .92%.

Your job is to look for those games with rules that give yourepparttar 136450 best odds. Good luck, gamble responsibly and always remember that it's just a game - so have fun!

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Transcendence Release Nothing Is Cohesive

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

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In unpredictable surroundings, we can find relief and truth inrepparttar music of bands like Transcendence. Sometimesrepparttar 136349 truth hurts-but when you hear it come from Hale's passionate vocals, backed byrepparttar 136350 infinitely creative guitar work of Fernando Perdomo,repparttar 136351 thematic piano and keyboard textures by impresario Jon Rose, andrepparttar 136352 inventive rhythm section made up of Bill Sommer and Roger Houdaille-it feels so good. Transcendence is a band of unsung heroes in a world of fabrication and pop culture that you need to hear today.

“The mind boggling mix summed up byrepparttar 136353 title cut of their new opus, Nothing is cohesive, is a stunning collision of anthems that cull from Pink Floyd and Supertramp to U2, Coldplay, and Radiohead.” --Lee Zimmerman, New Times Magazine

Indeed, Nothing Is Cohesive, but that is what makes it special. It's like an episode of Lost, where you think you finally know something, and then they find another way to turn your expectations inside out. It's musical anarchy, beautiful chaos. It's art. It's Transcendence. Do not miss it. RATING: A --Jason Warburg,

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