BitDefender Pushes Security Updates to Linux Mail Servers

Written by Roxana Danaila

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As BitDefender Business Line Manager Mircea Mitu declared, "The bottom line is that all BitDefender users should upgrade their products torepparttar latest available version. Now! Moreover, if you haven't yet considered migrating to BitDefender for Linux Mail Servers, there’s a dozen of good reasons for doing that..." (

Atrepparttar 131636 same time withrepparttar 131637 launch ofrepparttar 131638 new products, two discussion lists for BitDefender products on Unix and Unix-like platforms were initiated, in order to bring together all BitDefender users and to provide an online community for CIOs and security professionals who have to defend their network infrastructure and protectrepparttar 131639 corporate communication flows against spam, viruses and other malware. Find out more info aboutrepparttar 131640 BitDefender lists at:

All these new antivirus and antispam mail filtering products from BitDefender are available now onrepparttar 131641 BitDefender website ( for a full 30 days evaluation. Local BitDefender partners may be contacted in order to get a quotation for BitDefender security solutions for corporate network.

BitDefender™ provides security solutions to satisfy the protection requirements of today's computing environment, delivering effective threat management for over 38 million home and corporate users in more than 100 countries. BitDefender(tm) Antivirus is certified by all the major independent reviewers in the antivirus field - ICSA Labs, CheckMark and Virus Bulletin.


SimpleMachines - FINALLY a Community Software to Get Excited About!

Written by Toby Wolf

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SimpleMachines also has a great bridge that allows you to easily integrate it into Mambo, (another of my new favorite applications!), and LunaByte is expected to release a full front end portal for SMF withinrepparttar next few weeks. But honestly, you might not even NEED Mambo or LunaByte to create your own protal. SMF provides very easy to use SSI functionality so you can create your OWN customized front end portal for it. In addition it already has a built in calendar, (a feature about 3/4 of our website design customers ask for).

The incredible list of features being built in to SimpleMachines is too lengthy to list here. If you are interested you can seerepparttar 131634 feature list on AlphaOne Technology Web Hosting & Design or onrepparttar 131635 SimpleMachines Website. Even if you are not currently inrepparttar 131636 market for a community forum and MORE software, keep an eye on SMF - its developers are definitely forward thinking and have worked hard to develop streamlined code that doesn't tax your system resourcesrepparttar 131637 way many similar, (but lesser!), applications do.

AlphaOne Technology will install and configure SimpleMachines FREE of charge withrepparttar 131638 purchase of any web hosting plan.

Toby Wolf was one of the online pioneers, beginning consulting in 1990 & has done work for companies like Dell, AOL, SBC & Amoco. Toby is the founder of AlphaOne Technology, & has designed, managed, or provided search engine optimization for over 200 web sites since 1997. E-Mail Toby

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