Birthday Journals

Written by Doreene Clement

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Inrepparttar back and throughout my birthday journal I have pasted pictures, a fortune from a fortune cookie, my birthday astrological fromrepparttar 145584 newspaper, and other memories, as they occur.

Birthday Journals Ideas

For your birthday journal you can do what I did, or here are some more ideas you can ask your friends to write:

Retell a funny story about you and me. Write a birthday wish for me, and a wish for yourself. Remember your favorite birthday and what happened. Write about what your hopes and dreams are for me, yourself, friends, family orrepparttar 145585 world. Tell me something I never knew about you. Recall your happiest time. What was your most unexpected moment? Write aboutrepparttar 145586 silliest time you can recall. You were most surprised by…… Or ask your friends to write about any other ideas you or they come up with.

Use your birthday journal to share warmth, memories, experiences, joy, and love. Takerepparttar 145587 time to share your love with your friends, and they can share their love with you.

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Furniture Placement Secrets

Written by BatSheva Vaknin

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Go withrepparttar Flow Imagine how you and your guests will maneuver in your living room with allrepparttar 145583 furniture in its proper place. For example, if there are two doors, you may want to place sofas and chairs in a manner that will allow passersby to walk behind or aroundrepparttar 145584 seating arrangement instead of through it.

If there is only one door torepparttar 145585 room, don’t blockrepparttar 145586 flow with a large coffee table right inrepparttar 145587 way ofrepparttar 145588 sofa. Make sure you allow easy access directly torepparttar 145589 sofa and chairs fromrepparttar 145590 door, allowing for some space aroundrepparttar 145591 seating area as well.

Larger living rooms can be designed so that they function effectively as two areas. For example, have one social, entertainment center seating arrangement in one section, and a quieter study arrangement in another. Tall side tables can be placed behind a sofa with decorative vases and pictures on top, as long as there is still walking space behindrepparttar 145592 couch.

When deciding on how to arrange your living room furniture, listen to your instincts. Wait to decoraterepparttar 145593 walls for a few days or even a week once you have decided on where you are going to put each piece of furniture, to give yourself a chance to get used torepparttar 145594 new placement. Live inrepparttar 145595 space for a bit, and assess how you feel. If something doesn’t feel right, you can always move it, and use these tips to help you bring your living room back into balance.

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A Yale graduate, BatSheva Vaknin writes plays, screenplays and short stories. She has just completed her first novel.

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