Bioterrorism Affects Email

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

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Swell, now they're responding to email via snail mail! I preferrepparttar email Congressman. The present danger is not just to our physical health from Anthrax, but more torepparttar 109683 health of democracy when policy makers are inaccessible to constituents. My concern now is that they don't seem to value email as an effective way to communicate withrepparttar 109684 voting public. The average person in this country now has four email addresses and can be reached at work, at home and onrepparttar 109685 road via web-based email. This could be said to compare to having multiple writing pads and pens at work, at home and onrepparttar 109686 road.

Whilerepparttar 109687 famous "Carnivore" email intercepting technology sought byrepparttar 109688 FBI will now easily track and monitor our correspondence with Presidential approval, Congresspersons and Senators seem to want to continue to communicate by snail mail when it makes even less sense now to do so. Nevermind that email doesn't cost nearly as much as regular postal mail. My Congressman continued . . .

"Again, thank you for your e-mail message. I am privileged to serve as your voice in Congress." I want to know who is serving as my EARS in Congress since email seems an unreliable method of communication with representatives and regular mail is "being held byrepparttar 109689 capitol police" as email goes unanswered but for canned responses making excuses for lack of response and then promising to send me expensive postal mail to answer my concerns.

We take email seriously (well except for silly urban myths and endlessly-forwarded-cutesy-pass-it-on-absurdities) in that it is a routine part of nearly everyones life now. Physical access to government office buildings is blocked and communication by snail mail is nearly impossible, while phone access is much more cumbersome. It's time our representatives began to take email just a bit more seriously. It'd be nice if they answered it too.

Contact your own elected representatives:

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Written by Marie Williams

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WRITE RIGHT. Stationery files are templates for outgoing messages. If you find yourself repeatedly writingrepparttar same thing, just saverepparttar 109682 message as a stationery file -- ready to send when needed. This way you donít have to start all over when you get a similar request or query. And you can always personalise and editrepparttar 109683 stationery as necessary.

YOU'VE GOT MAIL! Get intorepparttar 109684 habit of only checking your mail twice a day. There's nothing to be gained from checking it more often -- you're simply wasting time and lessening your productivity.

STASH OR TRASH? Act immediately on all your incoming emails. By scanningrepparttar 109685 subject bar you'll find some that can be trashed at once. Don't even bother opening emails like this:

§ Earn $???repparttar 109686 Easy Way!

§ Make $??? on every Sale!

§ Earn $??? while You Sleep!

§ 1000% Profits Selling ?

These are SPAM should be trashed at once. If you're plagued with spam, you can set up filters to automatically delete messages with certain keywords.

Openrepparttar 109687 rest of your emails. Some may simply require filing into particular folders while others may need a response. Simple responses should always be dealt with straight away, while more complex replies can be filed into your To Do folder.

FANCY A BREAK? If you start working email like a pro, you'll easily save enough time for a two week holiday. I've already planned mine -- have you?

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