Bingo - You're Cancelled

Written by Bob Osgoodby

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But wait there is an even better deal. You can get a CD with 15,000,000 addresses for only $199. "Now" you might think, "if I can 5,000-30,000 customers from one million, how many customers can I get with 15 million".

The first question I would have, is how are you going to send out your 15 million E-mails without having your ISP cancel your account. Most free ISP's put a limit of 50 E-mails you can send out at one time. Let's see 15 million divided by 50 would equal 300,000 mailings. Figure 20 minutes per mailing, it would take over 6 years, working 8 hours a day, to send a mailing to everyone onrepparttar list. Ever wonder how many of those addresses will be valid next month, let alone 6 years from now?

Does that mean you will have to wait 6 years before you can start packing your bags? Not hardly - there are some people whose main goal in life is getrepparttar 127582 E-mail accounts of spammers canceled. There is even software that makesrepparttar 127583 complaints automatically.

But you think, I have software that can send out many thousands at a time. Granted, but all this means is your account will be canceled by your ISP faster. Most keep "logs" of E-mail sent out, and examinerepparttar 127584 content of large mailings. If it is a commercial message - Bingo - You're Cancelled.

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Written by Bob Osgoodby

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Another current scam floating aboutrepparttar web offers you a cut of stolen money from Nigeria that was stolen and they need your help gettingrepparttar 127581 money out ofrepparttar 127582 country. They of course want a cut ofrepparttar 127583 money that they claim will be wired to your personal bank account. You of course are expected to pay them their share up front. The money however never arrives in your bank.

One group sends hundreds of thousands of unsolicited emails to people directing them to web sites promotingrepparttar 127584 Mega$Nets and MegaResource programs. When you visit one of their web sites you can download copies ofrepparttar 127585 software program which contains a list of five names and addresses. The software program and web sites direct you to send twenty dollars to each of five people listed inrepparttar 127586 software in order for you to get yourself placed atrepparttar 127587 top ofrepparttar 127588 list of names. This is simply a variation ofrepparttar 127589 old fashioned chain letter. Actually, there are a lot of chain letters floating aboutrepparttar 127590 web and all should be avoided.

Another email promises guaranteed Credit Card approval! One group offered Visa cards torepparttar 127591 credit-challenged "to put you back inrepparttar 127592 mainstream of financial life in high style" at an interest rate of only 4.9%. How? Throughrepparttar 127593 magic of using offshore banks in tax haven countries. There is however a $100 processing fee and $25 per month charge regardless of use.

Some people really believe that they have been selected to be inrepparttar 127594 Internet Version of "Who's Who". This one started years ago and was sent to every company executive inrepparttar 127595 country - They will include your listing at no charge - oh, would you like a copy? "Send $98 to us and it will be delivered to your doorstep."

There is no way to adequately cover allrepparttar 127596 scams that permeaterepparttar 127597 web. Before jumping into any of these "make a million while you sleep" plans, use a little "due diligence" and check them out. The money you save will be your own.

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