Billing Woes For Telcos

Written by Arun Tibrewal

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In such a scenario, Swastik Infotech Pte Ltd. has launched one ofrepparttar most revolutionary telecom billing system inrepparttar 107926 marketplace. Christened as e-Biller, this system promises to put an end to allrepparttar 107927 discrepancies that arise out ofrepparttar 107928 traditional billing systems. The biggest breakthrough of e-Biller over other such systems isrepparttar 107929 ease that it offers torepparttar 107930 companies to plug in new services without any hassles. This innovative billing system has been designed keeping in mindrepparttar 107931 present needs andrepparttar 107932 future requirements ofrepparttar 107933 telecom companies. It is scalable and can be easily configured to suitrepparttar 107934 changing requirements. It is also easily compatible with latest technologies like ASP.Net (Active server pages) and works efficiently in Dot Net platform. e-Biller is a robust system that has been rigorously tested for any sort of inconsistencies. It also comes fromrepparttar 107935 stables of Swastik Infotech, a company having an enviable track record inrepparttar 107936 marketplace.

Arun Tibrewal is an online marketing specialist since 1998 and managing E-Biller is a robust system that has been rigorously tested for any sort of inconsistencies from the stables of Swastik Infotech, having an enviable track record in the marketplace. You can reprint this article as long as you keep resourcebox intact with the links. (Next Generation Billing Software)

Why is there a USF Fee or Tax on my bill?

Written by David McDonough

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Inrepparttar past, only long distance companies paid fees to supportrepparttar 107925 Federal Universal Service Fund. In 1996, Congress passed a law that expandedrepparttar 107926 types of companies contributing to Universal Service. Currently, all telecommunications companies that provide service between states, including long distance companies, local telephone companies, wireless telephone companies, paging companies, and payphone providers, are required to contribute torepparttar 107927 Federal Universal Service Fund.

How isrepparttar 107928 Amount a Company Pays torepparttar 107929 Universal Service Fund Determined? Telecommunications companies must pay a specific percentage of their interstate and international revenues intorepparttar 107930 Universal Service Fund. This percentage is calledrepparttar 107931 Contribution Factor. You can go torepparttar 107932 FCC’s Web site,, to seerepparttar 107933 current Contribution Factor.

The Contribution Factor changes each quarter ofrepparttar 107934 year, depending onrepparttar 107935 needs ofrepparttar 107936 Universal Service Fund andrepparttar 107937 consumers it is designed to help. Becauserepparttar 107938 Contribution Factor will increase or decrease, depending uponrepparttar 107939 projected needs ofrepparttar 107940 Universal Service Fund,repparttar 107941 amount owed torepparttar 107942 Fund by each affected telecommunications company will also increase or decrease accordingly. Different events, such as changes in demand for support or FCC regulatory action, may result in changes inrepparttar 107943 Contribution Factor. For example, increased demand for a particular Universal Service program may result in an increase torepparttar 107944 Contribution Factor, but such increase might be offset by decreased demand for a different program or a decision to credit back to carriers any unused balances that remain inrepparttar 107945 Fund.

Doesrepparttar 107946 FCC Require That Phone Companies Recover Their Universal Service Contributions From Their Customers? The FCC does not require telecommunications companies to recover their Universal Service contribution from their customers. Companies that do choose to recover their contributions from customers may do so in different ways, however, they may not shift more than an equitable share ofrepparttar 107947 contribution to any customer or group of customers. The actual percentage or fee that a company recovers from its customers may be different fromrepparttar 107948 Contribution Factor, and may vary from company to company. Ifrepparttar 107949 contribution factor increases, not all companies will adjustrepparttar 107950 fees they charge customers inrepparttar 107951 same way." Information Taken From

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