Bill Gates: Battle Plan

Written by Seven

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Said Gates, "The day Sony launches [the new PlayStation], they walk right into Halo 3."

Unlikerepparttar original "Halo", which was onrepparttar 148476 epic flagship lineup forrepparttar 148477 original Xbox, Halo 3 will be a part of what Microsoft considers "the all important second-wave".

Will it be a death blow? Probably not. But rest assured, this move is throwingrepparttar 148478 console war into high gear. Sony Executives and stockholders have a lot to worry about, and inrepparttar 148479 coming months we should really see things heating up.

SEVEN is a mysterious and influential member of the Microsoft and Bungie Community. He has recently set up a Halo forum and a Halo 3 forum for members to discuss the latest bungie happenings.

Motorcycle Tools that Keep you Going!

Written by Maricon Williams

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In order to work properly onrepparttar repairs you need to haverepparttar 148456 right tool. Tools are very important to restore motorcycle quality, workmanship, and for a great outcome of a project. Thus, if you want your motorcycle to be repaired accurately, you must userepparttar 148457 right kind of motorcycle tools. Select tools that are suitable for any motorcycle model like Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Harley or any other models for accessibility purpose. These tools are optimal quality motorcycle repair tools. And with most tools you need not have to worry about their prices because they are reasonably priced. Roam around motorcycle stores or visit online sores to get your best motorcycle tools!

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