Bill Clinton's Favorite Word Game

Written by David D. Deprice

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* Fun, easy to learn and addictive gameplay! * Save your game and resume it later * Create words while solving familiar phrases * Automatically download new phrases created by others! * Global high scores let's you compare words and scores with others * Create your own phrases to share with others!


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Three Card Poker Bonuses

Written by Stanley Majors

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Here is an example to illustraterepparttar above point, if we had placed $10 on Pair Plus, and our hand was a Straight Flush we would get 40 x $10 = $400 as a bonus payout fromrepparttar 136175 dealer. You will still get paid outrepparttar 136176 bonus if you loserepparttar 136177 game, as long as you have a pair or higher.

Ante Bonus

This isrepparttar 136178 more difficult bonus to get in Three Card Poker, but you do not have to pay extra to be eligible for it. The bonus is a multiple ofrepparttar 136179 amount you placed onrepparttar 136180 Ante area. This multiple factor is based on your hand strength and your hand must be a straight or higher to getrepparttar 136181 bonus.




1 x

3 of a Kind

4 x

Straight Flush

5 x

To illustraterepparttar 136182 above, if we placed $20 onrepparttar 136183 ante and our hand was 3 Aces,repparttar 136184 bonus we would get fromrepparttar 136185 dealer would be 4 x $20 = $80...

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