Bikini Atoll for experts

Written by Jakob Jelling

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Deep diving is another great attraction for experienced divers who wish to visit Bikini Atoll. Bikini Atoll is characterized by allowing divers to practice deep diving at many different spots in which they could enjoy a great underwater visibility as well. Bikini Atoll’s water temperature usually ranges aroundrepparttar 26º C, providing a visibility which could range from 25 m to 50 m. If you wish to visit this area when its water is calmer, you should do so between March and November.

Visitors who wish to dive in bikini Atoll would usually be able to be part of two dive destinations per day. Night diving is forbidden inrepparttar 137421 region due torepparttar 137422 fact that tiger sharks often visit it during dark hours. This way, all dive practices concentrate during day light and, even though non experienced divers are not recommended to participate at most of this region's activities, there might be a few shallow spots in which they could be allowed to dive if they are sure to haverepparttar 137423 proper knowledge on how to do it.

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Pontoon Boat Mood Lights

Written by Thomas Holley

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Pontoon boat mood lighting can also be a wonderful way to set a romantic mood while out onrepparttar water during a late night pontoon ride. Just like dimly lit candles, pontoon boat mood lighting can help provide just enough light to make your late night romantic rendezvous memorable.

No matter whether you are using mood lighting as a safety feature, or you are using mood lighting to literally setrepparttar 137410 mood, pontoon boat mood lighting is always a wonderful feature to have in any pontoon boat. Pontoon boat mood lighting is a feature that you won't realize how much you need it until you don't have it and are stuck inrepparttar 137411 dark wanting a very small amount of light to keep your pontoon boat ride going.

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