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Written by Heather Luscombe

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After extensive research and a number of proposals from a variety of SEM companies, National Express chose bigmouthmedia based on their technical expertise, longevity inrepparttar marketplace and impressive client list. Milnes saidrepparttar 135326 deciding factor was that “bigmouthmedia were truly open and honest throughoutrepparttar 135327 consultation process. I felt they were clear about every step ofrepparttar 135328 campaign, and this transparency is essential to any business relationship”.

Steve Leach, bigmouthmedia’s MD said “We’re delighted to add National Express to our growing list of travel sector clients. They have a strong brand and huge potential for dominance onrepparttar 135329 search engines”

The new client win comes at an exciting time for bigmouthmedia, in a year which has already seenrepparttar 135330 company surpass last year’s turnover figure, doublerepparttar 135331 team based at their Edinburgh headquarters, and winrepparttar 135332 public and industry vote for ‘Best Use of Search’ at last month’s prestigious digital marketing awards,repparttar 135333 Netimperatives.

Bigmouthmedia is based in Leith, Edinburgh, with offices in London and Madrid, and is headed up by Steve Leach and Lyndsay Menzies.

The company specialises in search engine marketing for big brands – boasting an impressive list of clients, including Sony PlayStation, the Bank of Scotland, Marks and Spencer, British Airways, Sony Ericsson, King Sturge, Laura Ashley and MTV.

Google’s New Search History Tool – Bringing Brand Loyalty to Search Results

Written by Neil Street

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owners and advertisers. It means that inrepparttar red-hot sphere of internet searching, millions of Google users, with no effort on their part, will now be building their own portfolio of “favorite” search results. As they perform new searches, over time, their previous search results will be “personalized” to matchrepparttar 135157 new query, and served up adjacent to new results. It is a big boost to entrenched advertisers inrepparttar 135158 search results pages, and a big incentive for marketers to pay increasing attention to getting onrepparttar 135159 “free” or “organic” side of Google search results. Our advice to our own clients, at, will be to pay attention now torepparttar 135160 sea change this may ultimately bring. “Personalized Search” isrepparttar 135161 next logical step forrepparttar 135162 big search engines, whose goal is to make internet searching faster, easier, and more relevant forrepparttar 135163 user. Since Google has just taken a big step in this direction, it is crucial for smart businesses and website owners to stay ahead ofrepparttar 135164 curve.

The pace of change atrepparttar 135165 big search engines is almost dizzying, as these highly-successful companies (witness Yahoo’s latest profit numbers) outbid each other inrepparttar 135166 fight to win customer loyalty. “Personalization” of search results is a big component ofrepparttar 135167 present battle. Consumer behavior in this area is being impacted in a major way byrepparttar 135168 actions of companies like Google and Yahoo. While it may not yet be clear where it will end up, it is very clear that any business or marketer with any investment at all inrepparttar 135169 future ofrepparttar 135170 internet should be sitting up and taking notice.

Neil Street is co-founder of Small Business Online, an internet marketing and web design company, based in Norwalk, CT. Email Neil at Small Business Online or call him at 203.299.0889

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