Big Site? Make the most of it on Google

Written by John Saxon

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In additionrepparttar spider was stopping dead at drop down menus and graphic links it could not move beyond. Spiders essentially follow HTML text links and that’s about it. If you stick to that rule you won’t go too far wrong.

Our challenge was therefore to bring every page, no matter where it was inrepparttar 127993 site, to a level 3 position at least – without changingrepparttar 127994 structure ofrepparttar 127995 site itself, sorepparttar 127996 spider would index it andrepparttar 127997 page ranking would be higher. This would give us 520 marketable, optimised pages rather that 126.

The solution was quite simple. A site map – we simply spent a few hours setting up a site map with a link fromrepparttar 127998 index page ( makingrepparttar 127999 site map level 2) and then an HTML text link to every page onrepparttar 128000 site, making every page onrepparttar 128001 site at least level 3.

The next timerepparttar 128002 site was spidered by Google, there it was, 520 content rich optimised pages and an increase in traffic of 1000%

Big sites, makerepparttar 128003 most of them, don’t keep your content hidden under a bushel!!

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Steal Traffic From Your Competitors

Written by Terence Tan

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web site address and names as key words. So when people who have previously visited them but cannot remember their exact domain name use search engines to search for them, your page gets displayed beside theirs and diverts traffic away from them. To avoid breakingrepparttar law, some people suggest avoiding trademark names and not hoggingrepparttar 127992 top spot inrepparttar 127993 search listings. It does seem like a very clever, fun idea but remember:


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