Big Brother has a name: Yahoo is Spying on you

Written by dDawg

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Once you have clicked that link, you are exempted.

WARNING: Noticerepparttar "Success" message onrepparttar 118481 top ofrepparttar 118482 next page. Be careful, because on that page there is a "Cancel Opt-out" button that, when clicked, will undorepparttar 118483 opt-out.

Don't be fooled by it. These guys are trying very hard to gain information with or without your cooperation.

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Using the Internet to Boost Your Bottom Line

Written by Kate Smalley

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•Sales - Many small businesses viewrepparttar Internet as a powerful sales tool. In fact, 33 percent of small business owners userepparttar 118480 Internet to sell goods and services online, and 43 percent find sales prospects online, according torepparttar 118481 ACNielsen/eBay study. The good news is that your Website doesn’t have to actually process transactions online to enhance sales. Your site can provide valuable product information and take online orders, and then completerepparttar 118482 sale throughrepparttar 118483 mail or at a retail location.

•Customer Service – A Website can help you reduce many basic customer service tasks you or your employees handle manually. By owning a Website, your office staff will spend less time handling faxes, mail and routine phone calls about your products/services, operating hours, location, directions, etc. Just think: If an $8-an-hour employee saves just three hours a week, this could add up to more than $1,200 a year. On top of that, you’ll also spend less money on paper, printing, postage and advertising.

It is not a coincidence that more and more businesses are usingrepparttar 118484 Internet to boost their bottom line.

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